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With new single Take It Or Leave It out now, and shows to come at Think Tank Underground this Wednesday 20th and Stockton on Tees’ KU Bar on Friday 22nd September, we thought it a definite must to catch up with up-and-comers RedFaces to find out five of their favourite things. Isaac White took charge, so over to you Isaac…

Abbey Road by The Beatles
It was the first album that I listened all the way through to and appreciated it as a whole. Everything from the songwriting, the sound and production to the musical “journey” (how pretentious) it undertakes. It got me hooked on all aspects of music and never really left me.

Hallelujah I Love Her So by Ray Charles
my mum and dad are hugely into music. So many of my formative years were inextricably linked with the music of my parents. Particularly from the 50s and 60s. I remember this song being played all the time when I was like 4 years old. His voice on the track is sublime, as is his piano playing and the whole song in fact.

Tame Impala
When I was younger I was extremely musically ignorant. I was a bit of a twat if I’m honest (I guess in some ways I still am, you’d have to ask the band). My girlfriend showed me this Australian psychedelic band she loved, and it just completely changed all my opinions on music. They used a lot of electronic instruments, hip-hop influences and stuff that was outside of the whole “guitar rock and roll yeeeaahhh” thing that dominated my life before hand. As well as being an amazing band/songwriters they made me a lot more creative and open to new types of music. So thanks to my girlfriend for that one 😉 

Before I started doing the band full time I was going to be a doctor, or a biochemist or something like that. I studied science for around 5 years properly and just loved finding out stuff about the universe and living things and all that jazz. I often try and talk to the others about it but they end up calling me a geek and throw grapes at me.

I just love the customisation you can get in a sandwich. Absolutely brilliant. 

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