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With a support slot on the Marmozets show at Riverside on Friday 9th February,  Queen Zee shared their top five emojis with us.

🕺🏼 – After the señorita emoji became a meme, this night fever guy started taking her place. If you don’t have a party emoji in your top 5 then you don’t party enough. 

🅱 – Because ️🅱‘s pollinate the crops that feed 90% of the world – we need ️🅱‘s to survive. They’re endangered – save the ️🅱‘s.

⚰️ – This sums up nicely how we feel after band practice, being horizontal is great. It’ll be punny when Ash really becomes Ash. 

🛴 – Why aren’t scooters a thing amongst adults? Dedicated to those who can’t ride a bike properly, or skateboard at all. 

 🎷– A suggestive emoji however mostly used when you have the first sip of wine and you get a womb tingle afterwards. Everyone in QZ would like to have a go at playing Careless Whisper on this perfect instrument.”

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