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We’ve got a new Bunch Of Fives from Deltasonic’s latest signings Psycho Comedy. Lipstick-smeared, loose and dangerous, the rock and roll joyride of Merseyside five-piece career into summer with new single The Hangman released on Thursday 7th September. Psycho Comedy represent a diverse, poetic, art-filled and cinematic world that thrives on the edge, and we’ve got five of their big influences right here…

Jim Carroll
Jim Carroll being one of the only and best urban poets to bring his words to tune. A real and unapologetic writer that depicts gritty realism in New York, yet describing surreal fantasies. The Jim Carroll bands album ‘Catholic Boy’ lays out a guitar album with an intense words score. The stories he leads have influenced our new track Michigan State, with fast spoken lines that portray insanity. Listen to Catholic Boy.

Johnny Thunders
Johnny Thunders a significant influence in delivery, mood and appearance of Psycho Comedy. At times I think that he never actually fulfilled his destiny with a potential back catalogue. However his hits and his expeditious way of attracting you with a raunchy guitar sound and ear piercing vocals show everything that is needed for rock n roll-wall star. We gather a lot from his glamour. Listen to So Alone.

Rik Mayall
Not a musical figure, but maybe the most pivotal for Psycho Comedy persona. His energy and offbeat comedy bring a way in which we don’t take anything too seriously. Our name derives from the whole world of that alternative 80s movement he was involved, as it it really is ‘Psycho Comedy’. Watch The Comic Strip Presents.

Lou Reed
Probably the coolest Rock n Star in life and an idol too many, so not quite the non obvious. He is that for a reason though and one of very to have many seminal records. Sometimes talking selfishly about life or trains of thought can be many peoples favourite songs and ‘The Hangman’ is heavily influenced by that context. We have always got on with The Velvet Underground rhythm sound, too. Listen too I’m So Free.

Andy Warhol
Again not very non-obvious, but the leading influence on psycho comedy mind set is not just in music but also in art. The greatest contemporary artist of modern times, too. He has cast an influence on many and even in fashion. After many people trying to emulate that type of world since, it still doesn’t put us off. A visionary and a massive nod in his screen testing days in the 60s for ‘The Hangman’ Video. Watch The Hangman video.

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