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Aside from making music filled with neo-psychedelia vibes and gorgeous pop hooks, Psychic Markers are regular tourers who’ve build up some excellent hacks for making touring easier. They share their top 5 with you here…

1. Lugging your merch around by forgetting it every night and having it shipped to the next venue via a very expensive courier service.

2. Cleanse the van of bad vibes everyday by burning some hippy soaked wood your bass player purchased in Woodstock. Good vibes dudes.

3. Bring earplugs.. You never know when your drummer will start making weird dolphin mating calls during the night. 

4. Van activities.. Playlists, crosswords, conspiracy theories podcasts and Who Wants To Be a Millionaire are all musts. 

5. Save time at service stations by taking turns in choosing which food chain to eat at, no ifs and no buts. 

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