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Ahead of playing a show as part of The Rookery with Agbeko and Picnic at Cluny 2 on Saturday 16th February, afro-beat band Ponyland share their top five tips for throwing a woodland party.

1. Hill Billy Hot Tub.
Find an old carp breeding tank. Tie it securely to the roof of your Nissan Micra and drive it back to the woods. Get copper or stainless steel coiled piping, feed both ends into the tank, one near the top of the desired water level, and other end in the base. Fill tank with water to desired depth. Make sure there are no leaks. Start fire inside the metal coil. The hot water will rise and fire out the top of the pipe into the side of carp tank. Place a lid on top and keep stoking fire, will probably take a couple of hours to get hot. Day 2 of party there will be a thick layer of hippy juice formed on top. Scrape off and start again.

2. Edible Decorations.
Hang loads of bananas around on string, it gives the place colour, people will inevitably start eating them, which means you don’t have remember to take down decorations after the party or provide breakfast. Some roman candles can be made,
and a couple of rungs of fairy lights wouldn’t go a miss either.
For winter parties decorating with pine branches seems like a good idea as it’s the only green stuff around but take note- it is highly flammable!

3. Home Brew, Strawberry and Mint beer, Ginger Wine, Cider, get fancy make Elderflower Champagne, depends on time of year.
Start brewing about 3 to 4 weeks before for beers.
Elderflower champagne recipe.
Dissolve loads of sugar in 2 litres hot water in a fermenting bucket, then top up with 3 litres cold water. Allow to cool.
Pick your elderflower when it hasn’t rained and its sunny, so the aroma is in full flavour!
Add the 13 elderflower florets, juice and lemon zest.
Add yeast or don’t. Elderflowers come ready stocked with wild yeasts, leave to ferment.
After 6 days of fermentation, strain through old pair of tights into a fresh fermenting bucket. Cover the bucket and leave for a few hours for the sediment to settle, then siphon into your swing top bottles.
After a week, release a little excess pressure by easing the lid off or they’ll explode.
Drink it quickly.

4. Generator, sound system, good people and STONKIN bands are a must.
Get lots of fuel for your genny to keep the good times rolling till daylight! This saves trying to siphon petrol from your mates car, which is harder than it seems and tastes bad.  

5. On the way to the party, if you see roadkill, bring it.
Someone will know what to do with it. In the words of Ace Ventura, “None of this animal goes to waste”

Ponyland play Cluny 2, Newcastle as part of The Rookery on Saturday 16th February.

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