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Sunderland’s seven-piece funk pop band Picnic have new single Wishful Drinking out now. Zeffirelli’s (Picnic’s guitarist/chief songwriter) is ready to whet your appetite for this, with a top five tinnies to enjoy while listening to Wishful Drinking.

Holsten Pils
The Holy Grail of tinnies. The best thing to come out of Germany since Boney M. Cheap, plentiful and smoother than Tom Holland’s precious little jawline. Great looking can as well, instantly recognisable; feels like home. 5%.

Pabst Blue Ribbon
The most hipster entry on our list. Unites hillbillies and indie kids alike. Genuinely a very nice lager that has the added bonus of being in some cool American movies. Should be cheaper, but is on the same “treat” level as when boys sit down to have a wee; not for everyday, but once in a while you deserve it. 5%.

Oranjeboom 8.5
It’s Dutch and it’s mental, obviously. If you want to email your Dad at four in the afternoon explaining that, actually, Art School was the best decision you ever made, and yes, you are still working at Rymans, but it’s only temporary and you’re already making inroads into a lot of potentially paid freelance work, so fuck you, this is the tinny for you. Hits you like a Geordie hits a horse. 8.5%

Taurus Dark Fruit Cider (Disco Juice)
FUN FACT, FACT FANS: This particular tinny actually features on our new single, Wishful Drinking (OUT NOW!!). It was originally used as a practice take, but our producer Jordan nailed it SO HARD the first time we didn’t feel the need to record any further takes. Just as sweet as it’s name brand counterpart, with a much sweeter price tag. 4%

A very rare find. Asahi makes this list on taste alone. This Japanese lager is the Atlantis of the tinny world. There’s a Spoons in Seaham that sell it on draught, but you miss out on the added sweetness of discovering this long sought after fabled can. 5%

We hope you enjoy the new single. And please, drink responsibly.

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