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Ahead of a performance at O2 Academy Newcastle on Friday 13th April, we chatted to prog rockers Phase to find out the inspiration behind their music.

Point of You must have been written sometime in 2012, in a practice room in Greece while we already had a few songs down for The Wait. Damos had just bought a midi controller that brought in with him and while we went out on a break he stayed back inside fiddling with it and came up with its basic piano melody, the riff was modelled after Sowing Scorn that we were already messing about with, which in turn used The Smile as a blueprint in a way creating that way the distinctive Phase sound. It was released on April 2014 and we decided to re-release it as a single after Tom Robinson happened to hear it and aired it on his BBC6 radio show including a remixed version of it.

I was fascinated at that time of how somebody can dismiss a quality, good or bad, somebody else has just because they can’t spot it in themselves, hence not identifying with it. The song is about how we tend to constantly project ourselves onto others in order for us to understand them, a bit like like religions do with anthropomorphizing ‘higher powers’ or cartoonists do with animals, ending up having only a fragmented, distorted image of others, exactly like how Stanislaw Lem’s philosophical parallel of the asteroid would do in Solaris. In the song’s chorus it’s unclear if the narrator addresses to someone that he can only partially identify with, who he is turning to looking for answers, or if he refers to his own self.

A good friend of the band Kostas Papaterpos had come up with the idea of encouraging our listeners to post photos of themselves in front of their mirrors and release the single with a mirror on the cover, the latter never coming to fruition, it being a costly endeavour.

Finally I should mention that I am writing these words as I am listening to the masters of Point of You re:remixes; an EP featuring remixes of Point of You from techno to jungle, to an 8-bit videogame sounding track even featuring some amazing local artists like Louis DeLarge and Moxxsy. The release that bears the original Point of You cover done by Alexis Marcou only in negative, is planned for Friday 13th April exactly 4 years from The Wait album’s release, and and to celebrate it we are having a gig at the O2 Academy in Newcastle along with our friends Firepuppets, The Junkoactive Wasteman & his Tinphonia and Star Cult!

Phase play O2 Academy, Newcastle on Friday 13th April.

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