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Ahead of his show Rewind Selector 90’s coming to Washington Arts Centre on Saturday 14th April, Billingham Forum on Saturday 21st April and The Stand in Newcastle on Sunday 22nd April. as part of his massive UK tour, we caught up with funnyman Patrick Monahan to find out his favourite thing about the decade that inspired the show. Over to you Patrick…

The hardest thing someone can ask you is to name one thing that you loved about the 1990’s!

It’s impossible to name just one thing, never mind even just five things, because the 1990’s was one of the greatest decades that humankind has ever experienced. I will shorten the list down from 1,000’s of millions of great things that happened in the 90’s to 5 of the greatest things ever!

Real Friends
From 1990 to 1999 everyone had real friends. people who you called friends cos they were your real friends. people who you called friends because you actually used to hang out with them, they lived nearby and you would actually see them face to face over the week several times, maybe more –  because they were your friends. The 1990’s was the last time people would have real friends, as the next decade, the year 2000+ brought us online friends via Facebook, Instagram, Twitter & Snapchat. So called friends that we have never met before in our lives and have no intention of meeting.

Affordable Housing
Two words you will never ever hear in the same sentence again. Do you remember back in the 1990’s when the average house price was less than the average GDP of a small country? Nowadays, trying to buy a house on an average wage would involve you topping up your salary by selling illegal arms to 3rd world countries so that you could save the deposit.

Every decade has a style of fashion or a sense or dress or garments that are unique to that decade. People put on themed nights, where people turn up with flares for the 70’s or ripped white denim jeans for the 80’s. But the 90’s fashion has and will outlive every other decade. The dress code of the 90’s was zip up tracksuits top, Puma, Fila, Adidas logos. White trainers, high tops, caps and a whistle and white gloves. Apart from the whistle and the white gloves everyone today of any age, young or old, is still wearing 90’s style zip up tracksuits and trainers. They call it retro, I call it Fashion with a capitol F.

Parklife, Champagne Supernova, Fat of the Land, Sweet Harmony. No matter what type of music you liked, we had every single type, genre, mainstream and indie music going, in every single venue across the UK. Even venues that weren’t venues were hosting raves. There was no such thing as health and safety in the early 1990’s, most of the venues we danced in or hung out in would now be closed and sealed off by the army even before we’d get a chance to get a sound system set up in them.

Growing Up
For me, personally, it was the greatest decade because it was when I turned from being a teenager into a man. At the start of the 90’s I was only a young lad. By the end of the 90’s I was a young man clinging onto his early 20’s wanting to know why my teenage years had flown by so quickly!

Patrick Monahan brings his new show to Washington Arts Centre on Saturday 14th April, Billingham Forum on Saturday 21st April and The Stand in Newcastle on Sunday 22nd April.

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