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We caught up with singer songwriter Patrick Jordan to find out more about the inspiration on his new EP which is released on Monday 24th September as part of his three EP releases.

Taking the leap from producing, engineering and songwriting for other artists was, at first, daunting.  I had surrounded myself with amazing songwriters and musicians for the past decade and without fully realising it at the time, it had led me to have quite a negative view of my own songwriting abilities.  Mid-way through producing a solo album for Matt Wilde from Young Rebel Set, I realised I was ready to push myself into writing some songs of my own – in fact, the fourth song on the first EP, Change Your Mind, was originally written for Matt’s solo album.  

For the three EPs that I am releasing, I took inspiration from my favourite sounds from records that I had been listening to for the past three or four years – I’ve always been interested in the ways different sounds create moods and I tried to carry this through into my music.  The guitars on the songs all sound different with different amps and effects to suit the mood of each song rather than trying to create a specific guitar sound like a band might.  

Anyone who knows me knows that I am a huge John Mayer fan and you will hear little elements of that type of playing throughout the tracks.  Mark Knopfler was one of the first guitarists I ever sat and tried to learn solos for, and again you can hear that in the way I play electric guitar (usually without a plectrum).  I’m also a huge fan of Chris Stapleton, Sean Rowe and John Fullbright and it was the sounds created by those artists that had the most profound impact on my own music.  Predominantly this comes through in the way everything was recorded – live recording as much as possible with few overdubs.  Most of the recordings on the three EPs consist of live recordings of vocals and piano together or vocals and guitars together with other instruments layered over the top (often without a click track).  This gives the tracks a ‘band’ feel despite not having a band recording everything together.

Lyrically, I try to write from experience but not necessarily in an autobiographical style.  However, there are several tracks across the EP that are absolutely written about myself or people I know; Don’t Wish For Tomorrow Today is written about my relationship with my eldest son and In The End is a reminder to myself to have a positive outlook on life.  Losing Sleep which appears on the third and final EP is perhaps the most personal song, written at a time when I was going through some difficult things.

For the most part, each of the songs across all three EPs are about staying positive, pushing forward and not looking back on life too much.  They are about friendships, families and love – most of the best songs are.

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