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Twisted Tales by Cornish touring company ‘Owdyado Theatre will be at Newcastle Castle on Wednesday 13th March, 7pm. Twisted Tales is a hilarious trio of dark comedies, featuring tales of three strangers invited to a locked-room mystery, a bandaged man inexplicably kept in an upmarket apartment and two kids’ TV presenters who find themselves having to dispose of a body with the help of a criminal-mastermind glove puppet. Intrigued? Here we find out more about the company themselves and what inspires both them and their work

‘Owdyado Theatre is based in Cornwall and we make intelligent, entertaining theatre –normally about people who find themselves in unexpected situations from which everyday philosophical dilemmas arise. We love stuff that is funny and thought-provoking at the same time and most of all we love a good plot twist! Our past influences have included The Coen Brothers, Charlie Kaufman, and Harold Pinter but Twisted Tales our current show (touring at Newcastle Castle on Wednesday 13th March) is heavily inspired by television cult classics Inside No.9  and The Twilight Zone.

‘Owdyado’ (pronounced like an informal “how do you do”) started when, We (Dan and Charlotte) worked together with Miracle Theatre (Cornish touring company). We found that we had similar tastes in theatre and comedy and decided to write our own show About A Bench which was 10 short stories all centred around a park bench. This production played with theatrical styles; some stories were naturalistic, some were absurdist, others pantomime. Our next show Wrondgoings and Wake Up Calls at the Stop-Off Motel featured a central mystery (the question of a body in a bathroom and how it got there) and the story unfolded over two timelines (one in ‘real’ time, one in flashbacks). After that show, we wrote two further full-length plays Above Bored and A View from the Edge, both of them featuring mysteries and plot twists and each written using pithy dialogue fast cuts between scenes. We realised that this was becoming our signature style – a style that has evolved with the help of the company’s Associate Directors Simon Harvey (also Associate Director for the internationally renowned Kneehigh) and Brett Harvey (award-winning Cornish filmmaker and director of Twisted Tales). For Twisted Tales we decided to the twist elements an out-and-out main feature of the piece. It is also the first show we have employed additional writers.

Twisted Tales features three stories; Vindicta Games where three strangers are invited to a locked-room mystery that slowly twists to the sinister, Will You Still Love Me Tomorrow which sees a man with bandaged hands kept in an upmarket apartment for an unknown reason and Bilbo and the Blue Bear about two children’s TV presenters who have to dispose of a body with the help of a criminal mastermind glove puppet.

Our inspirations for Twisted Tales are definitely Rod Serling (main writer and creator of The Twilight Zone). His imagination is just brilliant and the 50s/60s episodes are still absolutely compelling (this doesn’t happen with everything made so long ago). Also Steve Pemberton and Reece Sheersmith who created Inside No.9 and are two of the members of The League of Gentlemen. We love their dark humour, but also the cleverness of the episodes.

‘Owdyado Theatre bring Twisted Tales to Newcastle Castle on Wednesday 13th March.

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