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Ahead of their show at Jumpin’ Jacks on Wednesday 4th April, we caught up with punk rockers Otherkin to find out five bands they’re enjoying at the moment. Over to you Otherkin…

It’s not often that a new band absolutely blows you away but Yak were one of those discoveries. We shared a few festival bills with them in Summer 2016 and their live show is an absolute ripper, the energy and volume is just earth-shattering and they play at a million miles an hour. Their debut Alas Salvation was one of my most played of that year; it’s almost like a technicolour punk record, there’s anger and snarl at every turn but there’s also pockets of melody and really tasteful textures. I think they’re putting out their second album this year so I’m keen to see where they’re gonna take their sound.

I first came across Idles when we were supporting the legendary Dead Kennedy’s on their recent UK tour. Idles had been the previous support act before us so I checked out their album Brutalism. I was hooked within the first minute. The singer has such a guttural voice, it sounds like he spent his teenage years gargling motor oil and chewing glass. Anyway, the album is class and you should check it out if you haven’t yet. We actually met the bassist in a bar in Bristol on our last tour. He’s a lovely guy, was working the bar during the week and then was heading off to Bilbao at the weekend to support the Prodigy. The rock ‘n’ roll life, hah?

The Amazons
These guys have big riffs, even bigger choruses and they also have a live-show to rival any billy-big-bollocks band that you can think of. They show up a lot of the long-time pros and you seriously owe it to yourself to check them out in the flesh. They’re real good dudes too and show a lot of respect for their fans. They also know how to have a good time and when the ‘kin and the ‘zons are in town make sure to come back up the stairs and set your watch to stupid o’ clock.

Fontaines D.C.
Fontaines D.C. have been causing a lot of waves in the Irish music scene recently and with good reason. It’s difficult to describe what they sound like because they have quite a distinctive voice but a good starting point would be if the Gallagher Brothers mam stayed in Ireland, accidentally also gave birth to Mark E. Smith and himself, Liam and Noel started a band. There’s attitude and speak-singing but there’s also killer melodies and a razor-sharp eye on everyday Dublin in there too.

The best album of the year so far for me anyway. Socially conscious lyrics but crucially, they’re backed up by great tunes and smart songwriting. Before the album came out, I had always considered these guys to be quite punky in their sound and aesthetic but I feel like the album goes beyond that; they incorporates elements from a few different decades of alternative music so I’m keen to see what they’ll hang their hat on when album two comes along.

Otherkin play Jumpin’ Jacks Newcastle on Wednesday 4th April.

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