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With a debut album released on Saturday 1st December, we caught up with One Sided Horse to find out what inspired it all…

I have always been into the more progressive and rock school of music and in the singer songwriter genre enjoyed artists such as Neil Young, Bob Dylan, John Martyn together with country and folk artists. Many people dislike Dylan due to his voice but say they enjoy cover versions of his songs. I always loved his voice and the phrasing in the songs. To me it’s the sound of the voice not always the quality. I suppose it’s the same with Young as his voice is not always the easiest of listens but with song writing so strong I’m sure he can be forgiven. Albums I have come back to over the years such as Harvest, Desire or Solid Air. All three classics.

I have been influenced by my friends also who have written their own songs for years. Seamus McLoughlin, Gary Hall and Ian Bailey. All three have written some great songs in their own right. I also have played drums for all three over the years.

I started my own journey with Guitar only about 5 years ago and from the start I listened to as many classic songwriters as I could. The first song I wrote was a song called Crackerjack and this is still in my live set. This song seems to hit a chord with people. (and its not about the TV show!) When people have heard my album Between Light and Space that I released in March 2018 the feedback has been good with reviews likening it to Nick Cave, Johnny Cash and Leonard Cohen. This is high praise but one that I take with slight embarrassment.

I have been trying to emulate some of my heroes and write as many songs as I can. Currently this stands at around 70. I have based them around my trusted 4 chords or capo inversions. Many a great song has been written using only 4 chords and in my defence this is what I base mine on. Songs about losing and finding love but they are not always about myself. Trying to make my songs have meaning to other people has always been front in my thinking and I hope that other people can identify themselves in them.

Jump to the more present day and I would say that the artist that I listen to on repeat and is as close to the old school of songwriter would have to be Iron and Wine. His songs are filled with the most gorgeous melodies and his lyrics are intelligent and thought provoking. I like to think my path is similar in the way I started with recording simple acoustic albums then progressed to a full band album. Meeting the lads from Embrace has helped taking my songs to a new level and given them more of a soundscape.

So what is next for me?

More solo house gigs and full band gigs, hopefully another album. Will I get to make an album as good as Mr Beam ?

I don’t know, but I will definitely keep going until I come as close as I can.

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