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Techno artist om10, is releasing a new EP on Monday 5th March through indie label Sun Harmonics. Before that we got a new Bunch Of Fives for fans of techno.

Techno and acid were built on the creative use and abuse of otherwise sub standard bits of kit. People were giving their TB303’s away back in the 80’s. I covet boutique drum machines and analogue synths as much as the next producer, but always felt that the heart of techno lies in squeezing the maximum of out cheap equipment…or in todays terms; Apps. I use all of these producing and performing live.

Either start with pre-loaded sounds or load up your own then get to work on 8 layers of percussive goodness, with 64 steps per layer. Forwards, backwards or random with automation on multiple parameters. Polyrhythmic fun in a easily understandable circular interface. The best £9.99 I’ve ever spent.

This is such a great little sampler. Tactile and straightforward to use. A million miles from hardware samplers of old. Introduce it to the most mundane sound sources and get to work on creative melodic ideas or rhythms. Apple were so impressed in it’s use of touchscreen tech that they gave its creator a job.

Borderlands Granular
Take small tiny bits of sound (or grains) to create complex, evolving textures. Like the other apps in the list, this is about utilising touchscreen gestures instead of knobs and sliders. For the more experimental end of sound design.

I think this is now bundled free with new iPhones and iPads. Simplicity itself. A quick and easy way to play around with chord progressions or melodic ideas on the go. Once you’ve got something interesting then export to your DAW to develop into a fully fledged track.

One downside of using apps in the digital realm is that they can start to sound as bit too clean and well, digital. Run you other music apps through the Moog Filtatron to add real grit and character to your sounds.

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