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Ahead of their show at Ku Bar in Stockton on Friday 2nd March, we caught up with dreamy indie popsters Neon Waltz to find out their five favourite perks of living in John O’Groats. Over to you gents…

The air is clearer.
I remember that first time in London that I cleared my nose and instead of a batch of healthy greens, yellows & transparent – it was black from the traffic pollution. Admittedly there’s only average 1 bus an hour passing through John O’Groats so we have an unfair advantage.

Travelling 20 miles takes 20 minutes any time of day.
Never plan for anything else. Life permanently cutting it fine is as relaxing as it is convenient. Reasons why this is possible: lack of traffic lights; roundabouts; cars; people with places to be. Rare incidents of hold ups: sheep being moved from one field to another.

The people in the local Post Office know my name and I know theirs.
In fact, I know their cousin & their dogs name and no doubt they’ll know mines. I’ve also probably waved or said hi to anyone on the way there. Sometimes a negative, mostly positive.

There’s rarely a queue at a bar.
You don’t often have to make reservations in restaurants. In fact, you seldom have to queue for anything. Accept maybe at the Post Office as the person in front chats to Fiona as much as I’m about to. Your always free to chip in though.

The water tastes better.
I’m just a civilian so I can’t really explain this but there’s a myth that water passes through 11 people before it reaches you in most cities – the water to human ratio in John O’Groats diminishes your chances of second hand water. I’ll guess.

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