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The last twelve months have had the NARC Magazine pages filled with the best creative talent, so we asked a few of them to be kind enough to share some words on the year coming to a close. Next up, it’s stand-up comedian Neil Harris.

So, how was your 2018?
Yeah, for the most part good. I mean mentally not great; I still can’t send an email without overthinking it for hours  and last week I spilt my sweet and sour sauce and I cried so much I thought I was never going to stop, but I did pass my driving test in August, so yeah it’s a mixed bag.

What was your best moment?
I was lucky enough to do comedy at Bluedot festival this year which was amazing. Basically doing comedy on the same bill as Robin Ince in the shadow of the Lovell Telescope, dreams do come true.

And your worst moment?
Waking up in Edinburgh to see in the early hours i’d received several fairly mean tweets about my comic ability and ability to deal with “disgruntled customers”.
They weren’t “disgruntled customers” they were idiots. Idiots who’d wanted to make a spectacle about not enjoying the show, whispering throughout and at one putting in headphones as a “joke”.
Thankfully whilst this was really not an enjoyable incident, so many of my friends jumped to my aid it ended up being a fairly heartwarming experience.
Plus they made it into the show and actually made one bit that hadn’t previously worked brilliantly work really.
So in a way, thanks guys.
And in another way go count prime numbers in a darkened room you absolute tubes.

Your favourite band of the year?
Hard to say, i mainly use the Spotify weekly playlist and can never remember the name of the artists I’ve enjoyed which is very frustrating

Your favourite song of the year?
Didn’t come out this year but really enjoy RuPaul’s  “can i get an amen” featuring Martha Wash.

Favourite TV of the year?
I really enjoyed the live Inside Number 9 episode , even if i was completely fooled by it.
That and i’m really enjoying the current series of Masterchef The Professionals

Your favourite film?
I think this happened last year too but the only new film i saw this year is the latest Jurassic Park film so technically that should win by default but it is so so bad i cannot let it win so I’ll say Incredibles 2, not seen it but I reckon it’s going to be a better film.

Favourite venue of the year?
The tent at Bluedot. Can I say that?
Actually Alphabetti Theatre is lovely. Run by lovely people and has great shows on throughout the year.
Also The Stand in Newcastle is great but i think i said that last year.

What was your favourite gig of the year?
Probably Katherine Tanney’s solo show Composter Syndrome. She was part of the run of previews at Alphabetti Theatre despite not taking it to Edinburgh and it was amazing.
Like such an accomplished piece of writing, all of which was original and fitted so well. It really was one of the best hours of comedy I’ve seen.
Closely followed By Julie Grady Thomas’s work in progress show Bad Pancake at the ChiliFest this December, a sublime mix of amazingly daft sections with really poignant messages and such a powerful ending. It’s a great show.

And finally, what has 2019 got in store for you?
Same as 2018 really, plodding along in comedy, trying hard to be happy and funny and avoid the bitter people who moan loads and try and ruin what is one of the best things that’s ever happened in my life.
I’m doing the Edinburgh Festival again this time all by myself ARGH!
I’m also doing Glasgow Festival.
Additionally I wrote an overly technical show, with loads (too much) of computer programming, for the ChilliFest which was loads of fun. So I’m hoping to perform this a few more times.

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