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Talented alternative pop songstress Natalie McCool is set for a show at Cluny on Thursday 16th March. Before that, she was kind enough to tell us five top things about touring, over to you Natalie…

Best UK Crowd
Now this probably varies from act to act, genre to genre but after a lot of thought (and strong competition) this has to go to Nottingham. I enjoyed our first show there so much I decided to put Nottingham as the kick off date on my upcoming tour!
Such a brilliant crowd, there was an actual hand on your heart sing-song for my song Fortress which we played last. Amazing and can’t wait to be back on the 14th March!

Most Beautiful UK City
This is a real tough one! But I’m gonna go for…Newcastle – and I’m not just saying that, it was a unanimous vote! Gorgeous buildings and architecture, lots of things to see and do and there’s a really great vibe. Beautiful views on the Tyne with the bridges, and as you’ll hear below – I really love the accent.

Favourite UK Accent 
Everywhere we go in the UK me and the band always try take on the different regional accents…Brummy vs Geordie, Glasgow vs Edinburgh…it’s become a speciality of ours and we always try it out on each audience (to differing reactions). My favourite by far is my drummer Laura’s attempt at Geordie which sounded decidedly Jamaican. To her chagrin I made her speak like this for the remainder of the tour. Muahaha!

Favourite Tour Bus Song
This is a hot topic between me and the band, all of us with different fave songs. I favour Trap Queen by Fetty Wap, Laura on drums slow jams to Total Eclipse Of The Heart Bonnie Tyler and James on synths…he prefers Copacabana by Barry Manilow (I’m not joking). I’m gonna settle on one we all love which is *drumroll* ….. Don’t Stop Til You Get Enough by Michael Jackson. You can even watch us throwing shapes to it on the tour bus here (if you look real close you’ll see I’m even wearing one glove a la MJ).

Favourite Post-Gig Night Out
So far we have only had chance to have a post-gig drink at a handful of cities so this is by no means a balanced judgement, but our favourite place to have a post-gig tipple so far is Glasgow. Now we do have a good few friends there so we played a very vibey raucous set and afterwards enjoyed not so much a tipple but a full blown night out on the tiles, ending in lots of drunkenly filmed iPhone footage featuring deep fried Mars Bars. Yes Glasgow, we’ll be back.

Natalie McCool plays the Cluny, Newcastle on Thursday 16th March.

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