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We’re very fortunate at NARC to have some immensely talented photographers capturing amazing moments from gigs all around the North East. We asked them to put forward their favourite photo of the year, with this being the first collection of those. One singular moment, captured through a lens, one person’s viewpoint of a collective experience. They say a picture is worth a thousand words, but we’ve asked them for a few more too, as they tell us just why this was their favourite photo of 2015.

Chvrchesn 2__1448451498_2.123.151.235

Image by Brian Nicholson

Chvrches @ O2 Academy

The chaos, the drama, the mood, that one moment which symbolises the feel and excitement of a sold out show!


Image by Gary Chaytor

The Darkness @ O2 Academy

I’ve been waiting years for the opportunity to photograph The Darkness, they didn’t disappoint!

Frank Gaerter Graeme Baty__1451651174_90.193.141.242

Image by Graeme J. Baty

Frank Carter & The Rattlesnakes @ The Cluny

Whilst it’s not ‘technically’ the best photo of the year (I was in an awkward place; arms, limbs and heads in the way, having to raise the camera above head height and hope it was in focus. The ISO a bit too high, I had a slow shutter speed to try and capture the energy and movement of the crowd) but I think it captures the mood of a night in a very gritty way. It was a sold out Cluny show, most certainly the craziest gig I’ve ever seen there. Crowd surfers flying all over the place, which made it tough to get in and get the shots. Possibly the most crowd surfers I’ve ever seen at the venue. Including Paddy, a member of security who took his first stage dive that night, after some peer pressure from Mr Carter!

Frank stated via Twitter ‘The show was played in Newcastle tonight was my favourite show I have ever played’. High energy, adrenaline filled and emotional performance. Shows like this remind me why I love photoing gigs. Bloody marvellous!

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