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We’re excited to present the final part in our Youth Music funded NARC. Academy project, a series of four mini-documentaries created by Jake Anderson, Lizzie Lovejoy, Hope Lynes and Evie Lake with the help of NARC. TV filmmaker and director Ste Bardgett (aka Art Mouse).

First up, Magic Hat Cafe: Building A Sustainable Community.

My documentary introduces Magic Hat Cafe, an anti-food waste cafe in Newcastle. In today’s climate, it’s hard not to worry about waste. Not just our own, but that of supermarkets and suppliers. Is every carrot, potato and piece of meat going to be used? What happens if they’re not? Magic Hat acts on these worries and turns would-be-wasted produce into meals and experiences for people to enjoy.

Magic Hat is an innovative and progressive organisation in the way that it puts people first. Instead of purchasing your coffee and food, there’s an option to pay it back by working for them for a few hours. They also let people volunteer to learn new skills, to make themselves more employable. 

I wanted to make my documentary on Magic Hat to investigate how ethically-run businesses can impact and better the community. On the surface, I knew I would discover an environmentally conscious operation which eradicates waste in their supply chain, but I was surprised to discover how much that sustainability feeds directly into the community through food bank donations, education and delicious food. Spending the day with them was fascinating, and changed my perspective on how simple it can be for businesses to be more environmentally productive. Magic Hat is a trailblazer, and through this documentary I hope many more people discover their inspiring practices. 


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