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Bradford’s unique drag diva Mysti Valentine is starring in Odd Enounter to Alphabetti Theatre from Tuesday 5th until Friday 8th March. Before that, we asked for five favourites…

I’m Mysti Valentine and I’ve been married 9 times, so I know a thing or two about love. That’s why they’ve got me starring in Odd Encounter, alongside a human cactus – though frankly both of us are in a dry patch at the moment.

The show has two performers, one British Sign Language interpreter, and a mountain of wedding cake… somehow despite the fact there’s only three people doing the show there’s six characters. And there are some big numbers, a cracking song or two, to punctuate the many trains, tunnels, laughs, lectures, food and fun. It’s odd and irregular – Irregular Arts in fact, and it’s Tuesday to Friday this week at the Alphabetti Theatre.

Now I’ve finally digested the ‘love sausage’ I got at M&S on Valentine’s day, I’m ready to sing – and here’s my top 5 songs of lurve…

All By Myself
Celine Dion made it famous, Bridget Jones sang along to Jamie O’Neill’s version and Eric Carmen’s 1975 version is a classic. They’re all inspired, like our show, by the Rachmaninov tune that features in the movie, Brief Encounter. So if you’re feeling lonely, do a bit of self love and stick this song on and have a good cry – it might help.

I’ll Never Fall In Love Again
There’s lots of versions of Burt Bacharach’s classic and I prefer Dione Warwick’s to Ronan Keating’s. It’s a jolly, upbeat reminder that falling in love has many, many pitfalls… maybe I’d be better off ‘All By Myself’

Loving You
Not many have attempted to cover Minnie Riperton’s classic sweet love song. I tried once and it gave me a strain in the lalalalala. If you’re happily in love, this is the song for you to send to your sweetie. And my advice is, enjoy it while it lasts.

I Feel Love
Oh yes, Donna Summer, you really do! It’s good to remember that love is a feeling, and it should feel good. It shouldn’t be painful and difficult. If it is, maybe it’s not love after all.

What The World Needs Now
Originally recorded by Jackie DeShannon in 1965 and much covered… OK, OK so having two Burt Bacharach songs on this list is a bit much, but whether I’m single or up-to-my-eyes in romance, I’m going to keep being loving – because the world really does need more love in it right now.

Odd Enounter is at Alphabetti Theatre, Newcastle from Tuesday 5th until Friday 8th March.

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