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Dutch trio MY BABY choose their 5 favourite festivals for us, ahead of the Amsterdam-based psychedelic trio bringing  their swampy blues and funk-inflected sound to Think Tank, Newcastle on Monday 3rd April. 

Luminate -NZ
A magical eco consciousness festival perched on top of a mountain in golden bay new zealand. We played there first in 2015 on a rain affected day so the grassy field had turned to mud, which resulted in a woodstock inspired mud dance in the nude. This year we returned to the biannual festival and had sunshine all week so no mud slinging but we did have the chance to lead in the night for an awe inspiring crowd on the festival’s final day. The mountain largely consists of crystal Quartz and it is to be believed that this amplifies an energy of whatever source and the state of spiritual consciousness. After a week of no phones and Internet but full on love and happiness it is definitely a game changer.

Glastonbury -UK
We had a chance to play the smaller stages at glasto in 2015 which was an epic experience.It struck us that this was such a diverse festival with an obvious commercialized part yet parts of glasto still have an atmosphere reminiscent of the early hippie days when people were inspired by the old pagan rituals. It was fun to see a lot of that is still there resonating in those hills in somerset. We managed 7 gigs there ranging from chilled out sunny ( yes the weather was fantastic that year) afternoon sets to midnight rave ups in the greenfields and hell stage. We hope to return this year.

Ozora – HU
This is an amazing festival set in the hills near the balaton lake in Hungary. It’s a psy trance festival so primarily electronic music but there is one live stage called the dragon nest where we played last summer. The festival set up is stunning with many permanent and purpose built structures and stages that take inspiration from temples, giant african mud houses and castles. These are all wonderfully lit up with an array of projections and blacklight. many artists have contributed their ideas and there is so much too discover. It’s a 24 hour affair and we have some fun memories playing to a packed midnight crowd of trancers. A return is a must.

Landjuweel -NL
It’s an artsy inspired fest set in the squatted artist village Ruigoord which is in the western harbour area of Amsterdam. A 5 day party with live music, theatre and all forms of creative expression. We ve been going there for years playing sets on a variety of stages. Definitely a hidden gem for most people but tradition for quite a few locals as its been going for many years with its roots as far back as the late seventies.

Pohoda – Slovakia
In 2016 we had the opportunity to play pohoda in trencin, Slovakia. A family friendly fest which is as big as any commercial festival but without the trappings. It’s spacious and easy going so you don’t get caught up in crowds which can be tiresome. Though if you wanna Mosh you can. It’s just a great all round fest with friendly people, great stages and production and a variety of great acts. We played probably our best festival set of the year there to an awesome crowd.

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