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So, how was your 2021?
This year has been ridiculously busy but it’s been all the more stunning for it! I’ve put out some of the best work of my career so far, and I’ve been given opportunities I’m incredibly grateful for, like co-hosting Northern Pride! 

What was your best moment?
Way way back in April I released the music video for my single Pageant, myself and the amazing TJmov (videographer and editor) worked so hard on the video and it’s truly the proudest I’ve ever been of a video.

And your worst moment?
I crashed my car for the first time ever… not the vibe. I swear I’m a good driver, I promise!! I was less of a crash and more of a bump, but it felt like the end of the world. I spent the summer performing my cover of Grace Jones’ “Pull Up To The Bumper” and then I guess I pulled up too close…

Who was your favourite band/artist this year?
Am I allowed to say MXYM? Cause I think they’re pretty neat, definitely check them out! Though on a less self absorbed note, I’ve always been aware of Dead or Alive and Pete Burns but this year I really took a deep dive into their discography and visual catalogue and I’m fully obsessed! I implore anyone who knows one or two Dead or Alive tracks to go deep, they’re STUNNING! ICONS!

Your favourite song of the year?
While it’s a very recent release, Rising Tide by Allie X is 100% my fave, the second I heard it, it just resonated so hard, I swear she wrote it for me.

Recommended album?
Romeo by Sega Bodega, flawless top to bottom, gorgeous textures, brilliant, talented, show stopping etc…

Favourite TV show of the year?
Nothing does queer media the justice that The Boulet Brothers’ Dragula does, high drag and top tier artistry, I love it. 

Your favourite film?
The Nowhere Inn, the best film of the year and an instant personal classic, I adore St Vincent and this film only made me love her more, an insane trip that resonates so hard.

Best book you read?
While I’m practically illiterate, the only woman that could make me read is Grace Jones and her book “I’ll Never Write My Memoirs” I’m yet to finish but it’s stunning so far!

Best podcast?
Night Fever hosted by the legendary James St James!! Hearing these icons of New York nightlife of the 70-90s talking about the absolute madness that happened is beyond fascinating.

Favourite venue of the year?
Returning to Alphabetti Theatre with The House Of Love in October was one the best moments of the year, it felt like going back home! 

What was your favourite gig/show of the year?
In August I had the honour of being part of Club Six Twenty at Independent Sunderland, and it was truly one of the best nights ever (not just this year!) Circus, live art, stunning drag queen Gladys Duffy, MXYM and the amazing Picnic! Absolute magic! 

Any upcoming artists we should keep an eye out for in 2022?
I’ve been absolutely loving what Not Now Norman have been putting out, I’m very much looking forward to hearing what comes next, I love them! 

And finally, what has next year got in store for you?
You can expect more music, more live shows, and I have a feeling things might just get a lot more weird? I might get a bit more private in public (I swear that’ll make sense later, stay tuned).

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