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Image: School of Language

Words: Anne Tye, festival director of Sunderland Shorts Film Festival & Matthew Tye, owner and director of Bureau design, supporting the festival

Creativity is at the core of this mother and son duo, with music influencing their lives in more ways than one. “My musical tastes are really eclectic and have been added to a lot over the years,” Anne says. “There has always been music of some description playing in our house.”

“We’re both very creative, but in very different ways,” says Mat. “Music has had a massive influence on my life, and continues to provide regular inspiration for my work. My taste is definitely varied, but I always prefer artists who do something a little different.”

Both Anne and Mat are working on this year’s Sunderland Shorts Film Festival, which runs from Thursday 30th June until Sunday 3rd July at venues across the city, showcasing over 50 short films from around the world and celebrating filmmaking, production and animation talent.

Anne adds: “I love working with Mat. We have a similar creative flow and it works really well. Last year’s festival was a great foundation for us to be even more creative this year.”

Sunderland Shorts Film Festival takes place from Thursday 30th June until Sunday 3rd July at a variety of venues across the city.


Anne’s Mixtape

Free – My Brother Jake
This reminds me of my schooldays. Free were a big band from my hometown of Middlesbrough, and the lead singer, Paul Rodgers, was our very own rock god. Grammy nominated and platinum selling, he has such an amazing voice, even now.

Chris Rea – Windy Town
This brings back so many memories of being brought up in Middlesbrough, the lyrics are synonymous with it, all the way down to getting ready for a night out and having the sea fret ruin your hair before you got to the bus stop.

The Rolling Stones – Gimme Shelter
No-one is allowed to talk over Keith’s guitar intro! I wasn’t much into the Stones, but that was soon remedied when other members of staff from the pub I was working at in Manchester came back from seeing them at Knebworth – my husband-to-be included!

Fleetwood Mac – Landslide
I have always loved Stevie Nicks’ voice. This isn’t a happy song, but I love the lyrics because they’re so reflective and the melody is just beautiful.

Metronomy – The Look
This is an influence from Mat – he introduces me to lots of music – I fell in love with this one and it really makes me dance (only in private, though!).


Mat’s Mixtape

Talking Heads – This Must Be The Place
This is my all-time favourite. I had a massive obsession with this band through my Uni years. Talking Heads didn’t write that many love songs but this has to be the best; sweet, warm, and sentimental.

This Ain’t Vegas – Funeral On Tuesday
This was the first time I was exposed to Sunderland’s music scene, and while I’m not a part of it, I’m really proud of it. The sleeve for this song opened my eyes to graphic design and led to me pursuing a career in the industry and setting up on my own – and it still influences my work to this day.

Radiohead – Give Up The Ghost
This is a really simple, repetitive song, but I think it’s absolutely beautiful and really quite comforting.

School of Language – Dress Up
I actually designed the sleeve for this. It was the first opportunity to get really creative with my work and work with an artist I already liked.

The Wave Pictures – Like Smoke
The lyrics in this are brilliant, they cleverly paint a picture of everyday life in a way that’s really well observed, very honest but never clichéd.

David Bowie – Jean Genie
Bowie is probably my dad’s favourite musician, so this reminds me of us driving around France on a family holiday, playing loads of Bowie cassettes, and that’s a really fond memory of mine.

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