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Image: Sonic Jesus by Emanuele Manco

Words: James Hill

The start of 2016 has marked something of an exciting time in Newcastle’s DIY metal venues. With some new promoters getting involved the likes of Vircolac, Haar, Die Choking and Witchsorrow have already visited the city and arguably to the reception of growing audiences, as evidenced by some of the favourite local venues like the Northumberland Arms investing in a new PA system.

It’s also nice to see the various individual promoters starting to work together as a collective, resulting in more organised and better promoted events. I’ve pulled together various members from the likes of Sadistic Screams, Inverted Grim-Mill, Omega Warfare and Disgrace To The Scene to find out what songs they are looking forward to experiencing live in the coming months.

Petrol Bastard – Circuit Board Rammed Up My Arse
One of the catchiest choruses in recent times serves up a near-perfect blend of retro-gaming nostalgia and fast food. Not for the easily offended (in case you hadn’t guessed from the title) The Yorkshire Duo are a fitting headliner for the accidentally annual/purposefully terrible gig on Friday 1st April at the Northumberland Arms.

Omnipotent Hysteria – The Symbiotic Swarm
Featuring ex-members of Gorerotted, Scatorgy and Crepitation it wouldn’t take a genius to guess what Omnipotent Hysteria sound like. Quickly becoming one of the front-running live bands when it comes to UK brutal death metal, they visit Newcastle’s Northumberland Arms on a three-date mini tour with Scordatura and Inebrious Incarnate on Sunday 22nd May.

Cruciamentum – Necrophagous Communion
Taken from their long-awaited debut album Charnel Passages, released by Profound Lore in 2015, Cruciamentium play death metal reminiscent of the early 90s with raw brutality, screaming guitars and unconventional song structures. Each riff is well placed and while a lot is crammed into the song, it never gets boring or predictable. For fans of Dead Congregation and Grave Miasma, the band play their first ever Newcastle show on Friday 25th March at the Northumberland Arms.

Plague Rider – Retrovirus
One of the most unique and interesting death metal bands to emerge in the last 10 years, Plague Rider mix old school technical death metal with experimental noise and atypical instrumentation skills. Taken from the band’s latest EP, Retrovirus contains all the best features of technical death metal: tempo changes galore, a great mix of rhythm and brutality, blistering solos and disturbing subject matter. Catch Plague Rider on Saturday 19th March at Little Buildings, Newcastle.

Sonic Jesus – Reich
One of the most popular acts on cult label Fuzz Club Records, this song from Sonic Jesus’ most recent LP will be stuck in your brain for weeks. Multi-instrumentalist Tiziano Veronese carves out some memorable riffs and the Italians are widely regarded as one of the best kept music in the psych scene. They appear at Newcastle’s Head of Steam on Monday 14th March.

At Bona Fide – Stars & Clouds
The Czech Republic’s answer to My Bloody Valentine and A Place to Bury Strangers, Stars & Clouds features the necessary components. It’s harsh, noisy and the band don’t shy away from feedback. Underneath this is a piece that is also melodic and dreamy, what more can you want? On tour with Laundered Syrup, they visit Little Buildings in Newcastle on Saturday 16th April.

Sadist – Season In Silence
Italian tech-death legends Sadist really go to town with Season In Silence, it has a bit of everything and really showcases what has made the band so well-renowned and scored them major festival appearances at the likes of Hellfest and Wacken over their 25-year career. A rare select trip to the UK features a Newcastle show at the Northumberland Arms on Thursday 18th August – don’t miss it.

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