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Newcastle based multi-instrumentalist Martha Hill releases her new single Wallflower today. We found out a little bit more about it from the artist herself…

My inspiration for this track came when a friend jokingly called me a wallflower (I’m not the quietest on a night out). I remember thinking that just because I’m loud, it doesn’t mean I’m unobservant, and sparked off a want to explore the different characters people wear. Wallflower is a tongue-in-cheek song about the introvert hidden within every extrovert, exploring the different characters that each of us invent for ourselves. It also touches on subjects such as conformity and social anxiety.

Sonically this track is a lot rockier than what I usually do, and this was definitely down to the artists I was surrounded by at the time. I was still playing with Holy Moly and the Crackers when I wrote this track, and in the tour van we were listening to a lot of Scissor Sisters, The Zutons and Jack White. Matt Terry who produced the track is also very much into his guitar riffs and big rock sounds.

Martha Hill releases new single Wallflower today.

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