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Northern songstress Marie Marx gives us the lowdown on what inspires her…..

I have always loved music but since I picked up the guitar a little over three years ago, I can’t imagine doing anything else.

I really consider myself extremely lucky to be doing what I do full-time and I suppose you could say I found my passion and have never looked back.

One of my main inspirations when I was very young were The Carpenters, Karen in particular. Her sad songs just resonated with me which probably shows in quite a few of my own, slow-beat songs. Also, when growing up, I would probably say I had rather an eclectic taste in artists like Tori Amos’ Little Earthquakes, Alanis Morissette’s Jagged Little Pill, Eva Cassidy’s Songbird, even Fleetwood Mac’s Rumours, but my main influence would have to be Norah Jones although I don’t think there’s a genre though that I don’t like.

When I look at what I do, the music I produce, I pride myself on being relatable. I write from the heart and every song has a personal meaning but, that being said, people comment that my songs are relatable to their life or situations they’re going through also. I draw my own inspiration from life events or observations of the world around me and then turn how I’m feeling about situations into lyrics and songs.

An example of this would have to be Where Do You Go? which is a song I wrote when I lost everything material in my life due to hard times; most people will have experienced this sense of loss at some point in their own lives to one degree or another. It’s about not knowing where to turn or who to turn to.

That being said I’m lucky with the people I have around me and my #Tribe (my closest friends and most loyal fans) encourage me to be the best version of me that I can be. Most have been there since the very beginning of my journey and a few we’ve collected along the way which is great. They’re there to pull me up when I’m down, but they’re also there when the going is good and a few of my songs have become inspired by them too. Many have helped me in other ways and their full belief in what I do and what I have to give the music community just means the world to me. Nobody can do everything alone and I consider the #Tribe my team as well as my friends.  

It’s not only about friends with me though and I didn’t realise until recently that I was inspiring other musicians as well. It’s a really strange feeling but I’m so glad that people feel they can look up to me.

I always give encouragement to others, I know how it feels to start out and not have that confidence and my feet are well and truly on the ground. I will always help and support aspiring musicians where I can, especially when it comes to original music, I know how daunting it can be to stand up on that stage and bear your soul through lyrics.

Charlea B is one such musician who looks up to me. She supported me on my This Is The Micro Tour (promoting my debut album, This Is the Thing) and was able to do a full set of original music. Many musicians don’t seem to get that opportunity to play just all original material and now she wants to plan her own tour and release an album; there’s also Andi Grainger, he has decided he wants to push for a tour too. It’s amazing to watch the people around want to push themselves.

For me, now, I just want to be the l the best that I can be.

My husband is, and has been, my biggest inspiration. He has stood by my side for over 20 years and fully supports my music career, so much so, that he allowed me to give up my job and chase that dream. He also learned the bass so that he could play by my side and I don’t think there is a song I’ve written that he doesn’t like.

I cannot imagine my world now without music.

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