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So, how was your 2021?
Up and down as always but overall good, especially the Summer. Better than 2020 so I’ll take it.
What was your best moment?
Playing my first full band live show at 110 above festival in Leicester.
And your worst moment?
Probs the whole of January and February 2021, rough months for all kinds of reasons.
Who was your favourite band/artist this year?
Spotify wrapped tells me it was Slowthai cos I’m hard as owt. but musically I’ve been more influenced by James Blake this year, especially his new album ‘Friends That Break Your Heart’.
Your favourite song of the year?
I’d have to say ‘funeral’ by James Blake. One of those songs that you listen to and you feel as though it was written about your life. the melodies are proper lush as well, wish I wrote them. 
Recommended album?
Trey Gruber – Hercupean House of Cards 
I discovered this through a sample from a Slowthai track called I Tried.  Listened to the full album and instantly became hooked and wanted to hear more. So I looked it up and found out that Trey Gruber died from a heroin overdose back in 2017. Once I was aware of this it made listening to ‘Hercupean House Of Cards’ a completely different experience, it’s always really tough to hear what someone is going through in those desperate times. It’s a similar listening experience to Mac Miller, Circles, and if you’re into that kind of thing as I am, then you’ll love it.
Favourite TV show of the year?
Boring answer but Squid Game was lethal.
Your favourite film?
Didn’t come out in 2021 but I saw Heat for the first time and its definitely one of my favourites ever.
Best book you read?
Truth be told, I read a whole one book in the entirety of 2021,. it was called Seven Spiritual Laws Of Success by Deepak Chopra, a bit gap year-esque but i enjoyed. 
Best podcast?
Either Rick Ruben’s Broken Record podcast for some deep musical insight or ‘The Wolf and Owl’ podcast by Romesh Ranganathan and Tom Davis for something a bit more light hearted.
Favourite venue of the year?
The Lending Rooms in Leeds – small room but the sound was hellish. 
What was your favourite gig/show of the year?
Either Dot to Dot festival in Bristol as I was dead surprised at how many were there or Castle Hotel in Manchester back in August with my best pal and fellow artist Sweets. 
Any upcoming artists we should keep an eye out for in 2022?
Sweets, Jodie Nicholson and Badmind, all 3 from the North-East, have some proper lethal tunes out already and I can’t wait to hear what they release in 2022.
And finally, what has next year got in store for you?
I’ll be releasing my first full length project, supporting Jake Bugg on his UK tour and playing some lovely festivals in the Summer, fair to say I’m buzzing.

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