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Lights on Moscow is a collaboration between Justin Lockey (Editors/ Minor Victories/ Mastersystem) and Hazel Wilde (Lanterns On The Lake). The new duo were living near one another in Newcastle as they started a new creative journey, pulling together new tracks which make up a new EP which is released on Friday 19th October.

We found out a little bit more on what inspired the new release.

Hazel: On reflection, we like the idea of it sounding like a bleak slowed down Motown record or something – I used to love that music growing up. On the track ‘Like Lovers Often Will’ we were probably going for more of that wall of sound Spector thing. The title of that track is obviously directly influenced by Bob Dylan. We’re not all that intentional when it comes to influences. We tend to be influenced by/ feed off one another’s work.

Justin: I think in terms of influences for Lights on Moscow for me it’s quite strange as I write a lot to how I know Hazel sounds and how I feel her voice sits on things… so in my head she has a tone and timbre that has this almost supernatural gospel element to it, by which I mean there’s a warm emotive tone that at any point can inflict utter joy and sadness just at the turn of a phrase… so in a weird way my only influence to making these records is Hazel and the things I hear her sing.

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