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We chat to some of our passionate and dedicated writers to find out what they thought of 2019. Here, Laura Doyle tells us about her past twelve months.

So, how was your 2019?
Busy! I completed my MA in Media and Journalism at Newcastle Uni. It was a lot of hard work and stress but I think it was worth it! It was really odd to go back into academia full time after a little while away from it, but who knew you could miss essays?

What was your best moment?
I should probably say getting a Distinction in my degree, but honestly, I’m probably most chuffed about my first cover story with NARC. Covering the Curious Festival was an absolute delight.

And your worst moment?
Anxiety makes you think every moment is your worst moment, so there’s too many for me to pick from. Sleeping through a scheduled interview slot was a real panic moment, though, but I’m glad I managed to get it together to own up to it so I could reorganise it and get the piece done.

Your favourite band/artist of the year?
I am excited about everything The Ninth Wave has to offer. Those Glaswegians have melded all of my 80s loving goth ways into one sonic package, and I am forever grateful.

Your favourite song of the year?
I caught Nothing More live earlier this year as a support act and within a week had bought their entire discography. They’re an absolutely phenomenal band with some of the most poignant lyrics I’ve encountered in quite a while. Given the current political and social climate, Let ‘Em Burn really hits me.

Favourite TV show of the year?
Titans. I’m still waiting for the UK release for season two, but you can stream season one now. I’m more into Marvel than DC overall, but Kory Anders has won my heart. 

Your favourite film?
Detective Pikachu is everything I could have wanted it to be.

Best book you read?
This year was mainly spent reading academic books, but Trans* by Jack Halberstam turned out to be a really accessible and interesting read. I bought my own copy with the intent to whip it out when some education is needed.

Favourite venue of the year?
The Cluny is really out here with delicious food and a great atmosphere, even if it is potentially haunted.

What was your favourite gig/show of the year?
I hate picking one because shows can be good for a whole host of different reasons that saying one is better than all of the others is just far too simplistic. That being said, Melody Sproates’ Gender Not Included may go down as having the biggest impact emotionally and personally this year, and I also think it has the most potential of everything I’ve seen in a very long time. 

Any upcoming artists we should keep an eye out for in 2020?
The Ninth Wave are definitely just getting started with their career, so I’m looking forward to seeing what next year has in store for them. We may have lost Queen Zee this year, but I’m delighted that Zena Davine is getting straight back out there with some new punk tunes.
I’ve been a huge fan of Hivemind in all their iterations for absolute yonks now, and I’m so happy that 2019 has been good to them. 2020 should be even better.

And finally, what has next year got in store for you?
More of the same, I hope. I want to get back on track career-wise so I can build my portfolio back up after taking a year away from it a bit for my degree. I want to delve deeper into the arts and culture side of things to catch up on what I missed and discover even more of the music scene that has developed exponentially this past year. I hope 2020 is also a year of personal growth so I can live my best life as a local culture journo!

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