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So, how was your 2021?
Our 2021 has been mega! We’ve made great friends, played class shows, released 3 tracks and 3 music videos but most importantly made sure to enjoy every last bit of it.

What was your best moment?
The highlight of our year has to be having the chance to work with Press On Vinyl and Fair Sounds on our debut EP ‘You Say She’s Satisfied’ due to be released in the new year. Watching the process we’ve all worked so hard on come to life right in front of us has been really special, not to mention an opportunity we never thought we would get!

And your worst moment?
The worst thing we probably did was book our hometown headliner the night before a studio day! We were rough as toast at the studio but had to power through, which is why if you watch the Dancing With Demons (Piano) music video ell smith is in Elise’s pjs in some of the footage! Safe to say we won’t be doing that again.

Who was your favourite band/artist this year?
Our favourite band we’ve seen this year has to be Walt Disco, they certainly know how to put on a cracking show and the energy they bring to the stage is unbeatable, plus they’re super sweet people too!

Your favourite song of the year?
Don’t Wanna Be Sad by our good friends Bigfatbig must be up there as the most listened to track by every single member of our band. This absolute banger was the soundtrack to our summer and if you haven’t heard it … WHAT ARE YOU DOING??? Listen to it NOW!

Recommended album?
Our guitarist Ell Smith chose to recommend Led Zeppelin’s very first album as not only is it filled with bangers back to front but were one of the first bands he had come across on his own accord as a little’n, introducing him to rock music and a timeless classic of course!

Favourite TV show of the year?
Ellie, our drummer, loves the tv show Dexter. Although it never came out in 2021 she has been gripped by the series all year and even plans to rewatch time and time again! They’ve recently brought out a new spin off called Dexter New Blood and she can not get enough of it.

Your favourite film?
Kaitlyn, vocalist and guitarist, said her fave film to come out of 2021 is probably The Conjuring 3: The Devil Made Me Do It because she’s a sucker for a horror film and the conjuring universe is elite (Ed and Lorraine Warren 4 ever!!)

Best book you read?
Our bassist, Jess, said her favourite thing to read this year (apart from NARC magazine of course) was Jujutsu Kaisen Vol 1! She told us that its just “proper kick arse Shonen fantasy manga with funny bits, loveable characters and excellent storyline that you’ll probs be hooked on”.

Best podcast?
Elise, lead vocalist and front woman, said her go to podcast this year has been Goes Without Saying by Sephy and Wing. The podcast explores current subjects on social media, social do’s and don’ts, all things body image and intersectional feminism. 100% worth the listen!

Favourite venue of the year?
Our favourite venue this year has got to be KU Bar! We played a couple of shows here towards the back end of the year and what a belter they were. One thing about a gig at KU bar is you’re guaranteed to feel at home and have an amazing crowd for sure! Big up Jimmy, the owner, he is an absolute legend and he’s put up with his fair share of drunken nights out from us lot!

What was your favourite gig/show of the year?
It goes without saying that our Headliner at The Georgian Theatre back in September was the ultimate gig of the year for us 5, that night solidified everything we’d worked on for the most of 2020 and beginning of 2021. We couldn’t believe over 200 people turned up to support us and we can’t even begin to put into words how it felt to have every single one of them shout the lyrics to our songs back at us! Its shows like that one that make all the knock backs along the way totally worth it!

Any upcoming artists we should keep an eye out for in 2022?
If you’re looking out for new artists in the new year we would 100% recommend The Red Room, an indie band from Newcastle.  They’re feel good indie tunes are class and they’re also really cool to work with.

And finally, what has next year got in store for you?
2022 is looking even bigger and better than ever! We’ll be coming to plenty of cities across the UK, our debut EP ‘You Say She’s Satisfied’ will be out on vinyl (pre order link: FairSound ) and a lot more days and nights spent in the studio, so maybe we might have some stuff coming… maybe a festival or two. Who knows?

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