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Kieran Rafferty is currently working on a new album, and his quirky, tender and entirely earnest songwriting have made him a real standout on the North East music scene. We caught up with him ahead of a show at Cluny 2, with SågaboiMongeese and headline act James Leonard Hewitson (check out our full preview for that show here) for him to do a new Bunch Of Fives for us.

Kieran’s topic of choice was to stop hating and start loving pop bangers. Over to you Kieran.

1.Listen to pop music as if you live 30 years in the future. Loads of high-brow jazz originally started out as bubble-gum. Don’t miss out on the songs that your kids are gonna dance to at the disco in 2035.

2.Change your criteria. There’s no such thing as ‘real’ music – a very blokey aspiration anyway.  ‘Authentic’ bands manufacture themselves as much as factory-produced popstars.

3.Remember that singing and dancing are deeply musical activities that require serious musicianship. Beyonce is one of the great musicians of all time, regardless of what she’s doing with her fingers at a gig.

4.Don’t be afraid of being part of something big. Part of the power of pop music is that you’re experiencing a banger alongside so many other people. 50 million Elvis fans can’t be wrong.

5.Surely it’s worthwhile finding new vehicles for old wisdom. Every year someone comes up with a new way of saying “I Rather Fancy You” or “Love Hurts”, which just about covers all the bases for about twelve months doesn’t it?

As an extra treat, you can also catch a sneak peak of Kieran’s forthcoming new album here.

Kieran Rafferty plays the Cluny, Newcastle with James Leonard Hewitson, Sågaboi and Mongeese on Thursday 13th

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