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Filmmaker Joshua Kerr‘s newest short film is set for a screening at both Newcastle International Film Festival Thursday 29th March until Sunday 1st April and the International Film Awards (Newcastle/Gateshead). Ahead of that, the writer/director shared some limiting beliefs that writer/director types are likely to struggle with. Over to you Joshua…

I think we have all fallen foul of these and I’m no different. There are almost infinite reasons we can talk ourselves out of doing something but these are in my opinion the most common.

The Idea Isn’t Good Enough
This is probably the most common thought I used to have when writing or creating anything for that matter. It is the shortest route back to the Playstation, Facebook or the internet to do more “research”. The truth is it doesn’t actually matter how good or bad your idea is when writing it because until you get it out of your head it won’t exist full stop. The only way to create something truly special is to keep making things regardless of their perceived quality. Turning that voice in your head off is certainly easier said than done however I have taken to steering clear of film reviews, they can fill your head with other people’s opinions when you need to be immersed in the world you are creating. I have found it is best not to be wondering how ‘mesmerising’ people will find your work or how many smiley faces out of 10 you will get.

My Ideas Are Too Big
This is a tough one because although I know that your film’s budget is a consideration and that even when writing you will be aware of your limitations, I equally don’t believe that you should deliberately confine your work. If the script you are writing requires something bigger and bolder to happen then I would advise that you just let what comes to mind flow out onto the paper. Whether you use it later down the line is another question. On another note films (especially low budget films) have to be ambitious with their storytelling to make a mark and the creativity it takes to do amazing things with a small budget is a skill in of itself. Not naming any names but there are plenty of recent examples that show having all of the money in the world does not guarantee a solid end product.

I Don’t Have Time
In truth this is not the worst thing in the world as long as you are doing what you love. If you are not then I suggest you find time, make time, stay up at night if you have to because there is simply no substitute for pursuing a passion. Life is short and you won’t thank yourself down the line if you didn’t spend your time on something you consider worthwhile and fun. I don’t mind telling you I have been fired from so many jobs that I hated until I realised what I was doing wrong was taking work to make a living instead of making a life.

I Have Lots Of Time
Probably worse than not having time because this invites so much more procrastination and what’s worse is… you are relaxed about it! At least if you think you don’t have time then you will hopefully feel a little bad about it. This time all roads lead to Snapchat, making dumb faces into your front camera and sending them to your friends and then like, getting their replies, which are totes amazing. So you do it again and again until it is time to binge your favourite show and go to sleep. Wait…was I supposed to be doing something. No? It doesn’t matter, you have loads of time.

I Have Writers Block
I am gong to say something very unpopular now. Writers block doesn’t exist. No really, let me say that again, writers block does not exist. That is not to say writing isn’t a tough thing to do and a bit of a grind at times too, it certainly is and the most daunting thing can be sitting in front of a blank page thinking about how many words are acceptable enough for you to say you did a solid day of writing. Word count aside here is the way to overcome this limiting belief, move your fingers over the keys and make words. Okay I’m being a bit facetious but I want you to reframe this thought. The words don’t have to be complex or interesting, you can work on the editing later but at this point you just need to get something out onto the page. So eliminate your head from the equation and see what comes out, who knows it might surprise you.

Joshua’s latest film Notice is in Newcastle International Film Festival from Thursday 29th March until Sunday 1st April and can also be streamed online here.

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