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Singer songwriter John Stainthorp releases his new album Into The Light on Friday 16th November. Ahead of that, he talked inspiration…

My Inspiration….

The distinctive sound of my music has developed from the fusion of many inspirations. When writing first became a form expression for me, my main influences were by the likes of Hendrix, Dylan, Clapton, Zeppelin, Young and Cash. Country, rock and Folk have always been the soul of my music, sometimes without me even knowing so.

Throughout the Years, Folk And Country became much more apparent within my music, this lead me to (subconsciously) pull away from the electric guitar and focus on finding the heart of the acoustic guitar. This resulted in me diving into finger picking, where I could experiment with using different levels of colour and harmony within chords. This style of playing mainly stemmed from an Irish folk singer Fionn Regan, of whom I was listening to religiously around that stage of my life (still do). His album 100 Acres of Sycamore was the turning point that made me decide to “I was going to take writing seriously”.

I wasn’t just the way Regan wrote, that inspired me, it was that he did it all! Like myself, he was also a self-produced artist, and is most likely the reason for me getting into the production side of the music industry. I then went on to study a degree in Music Production and Performance, which is where I met another influential figure, Matt Deighton. Matt is a phenomenal songwriter, and I was not only lucky enough to have met him, but to also have him perform on Time I Come Home from my album Into The Light.

After finishing my degree I was selected to be part of the J.A.M.E.S. and Gus Dudgeon foundation master class, which is where I got to be part of the recording team along side Ken Scott and Dr Steve Parker. This is where I met Matt once again, as the team were recording some of Matt’s songs for a future EP. We had several conversations about writing and he gave me some great advice and the boost in confidence to decide to create an album of my own, which is the album that became, Into The Light.

In terms of Lyrical content, my inspirations come from everything around me, whether it is things that are happening in my life or things that I witness in other lives (at least my interpretation of what I see). John Smith has also been a true pioneer, particularly his nice use of metaphors and similes, and that he is able to create such vivid imagery through his clever lyricism in his 2013 album Great Lakes.

John Stainthorp releases his new album Into The Light on Friday 16th November.

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