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Catalan songstress Joana Serrat told us all about the five things she’s taking on tour with her ahead of her show at Cluny 2 on Sunday 29th January; where she’ll be bringing her brooding, gothic-Americana along for a mesmerising show.

My Notebook
From the moment I learnt to write I have always been carrying a notebook with me. It’s an old habit. No matter how far I was traveling, I would always write down my thoughts. As now I am working on my new album, it’s really useful to write down ideas for new songs and finishing some lyrics. I love travel by train, I think it’s a good place to get yourself relaxed and work while you’re enjoing the journey.

My New M20 Guild
I am really excited to come on tour with my new M20 Guild guitar. The first time I played an original M20 from 1963 it was during my Cross The Verge recording sessions at Hotel2tango in Montréal (Québec, Canadà). Howard showed the gear they have at the studio and instantly I wanted to play that Guild. I ended up recording almost all the songs with the M20. I just love the warm sound it has. It took me back to the early days of folk songs. I was also excited because I always loved Nick Drake’s playing and I knew he used to play an M20.

I love to listen to records when I’m travelling. In fact, I love listening to them when I’m in my car driving somewhere. As I have plenty of time from one show to another, I’ll be able to enjoy them. I’m taking The Louvin Brothers, Kris Kristofferson’s first album, Neil Young’s After the Gold Rush and On The Beach albums, Israel Nash’s Silver Season and Rain Plans, Futurebirds’s Hotel Parties and Damien Jurado’s Saint Barlett and Maraqopa.

Sleeping Mask
I am always traveling with my sleeping mask. I am used to shutters so I need dark to sleep otherwise I can’t rest properly. I am also taking some earplugs to make sure I’ll sleep like a baby and give my best on my shows.

When I was in Montréal recording Cross The Verge we had a morning off. My boyfriend and I wanted to buy some good western  boots so we were told to go to a particular shop. The place was full of leather boots, you could not see a wall. We we trying on different kinds of boots for a while and in the end we could not make up our minds. As we were about to pay for our shopping, the owner, who had been very kind with us, told us to scratch a card with a coin because one of them contained a price which consisted of a free pair of boots. So I scratched the card and we got the price. At first, we thought he was joking, but he wasn’t, and he was even more excited than us. It turned out it was the first time over 15 years he could give a pair of boots for free. I’m not really sure if that’s exactly true, but we got a pair for free and I’m wearing them on my shows.

Joana Serrat plays Cluny 2, Newcastle on Sunday 29th January.

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