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Over the past twelve months, our magazine and website have been brimming with super-talented, creative souls. We’ve asked a few of them to tell us about their 2020 and offer a few tips about great stuff they’ve seen, watched and read.

Here, beguiling Newcastle songwriter Human History tells us about his 2020…

Sum up 2020 in three words

Catastrophic, humbling, reflective.

What skills did you learn in lockdown?

How to apply ‘theatrical makeup’ for men. Note, even when shooting in black and white, get that shit on!

Your favourite band/artist of the year?

It doesn’t matter what year it is; the answer is always Radiohead. I’ve honestly turned more to YouTube than Spotify this year.

Favourite TV show of the year?

The Queen’s Gambit was absolutely flawless, best thing I’ve seen in ages.

Your favourite film?

I watched The Lighthouse very recently, and wow… it was dark, but sharp and refreshing.

Best book you read?

I’m gonna substitute this with best video game… The Last of Us Part II is an absolute masterpiece of engaging storytelling and brutal narrative; it has the potential to haunt you long after you’ve completed it.

Venue you are looking forward to performing at next year?

I just generally miss the Cluny.

What was your favourite gig/live stream event?

Ah, the year for acoustic covers… no thanks. Harbourmaster’s studio launch party was canny though.

Predictions for 2021?

Brexit fallout, the continued battle against a global pandemic. A reboot for American politics.

And finally, have you got anything in the pipeline for next year?

After this year, I’m keeping an open mind. I generally want to be more prolific, embrace new opportunities and create them too. Hopefully a time for less anxiety, self-reflection and sleepless nights. As a new artist, this year was somewhat of a litmus test. I had to breakthrough some serious mental barriers just to start releasing music again… and to establish a social media presence (still working on that one.) I’ve also got a ‘big birthday’ early in the year. Nothing makes you feel more like a dinosaur than googling ‘how to navigate the modern music industry’, whatever that is… but I have some songs… and I want you to hear them.


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