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We are Hivemind, a four-piece rock band from Sunderland, and this is our top five Weird & Wonderful Things That Have Happened To Us As A Band. You can catch us at The Head Of Steam, Newcastle on Friday 23rd November.

1. Georgia joining us Over our time as a band we’ve had numerous different singers but to have Georgia come in has been a blessing. Her energy, ideas and creativity has reignited a spark in all of us and we’re rearing to get going again.

2. Doing a TV show with comedian Al Murray A few years ago we were fortunate enough to work with Channel 4 to help raise money for Stand Up 2 Cancer, and through this we were able to play our first gig in London and have comedian Al Murray be our roadie for the day. Because it’s about time the rich and famous did some work for once, ya know!? Al was a great sport, and even got up on stage with us to do a quick rendition of Whole Lotta Love by Led Zep as our encore (he’s a great drummer!) – Jack and Al have kept in touch since and meet up whenever they’re in the same area to just talk drums for a couple hours!

3. Headlining the o2 Academy, Newcastle This was pretty bloody awesome. It was a culmination of a lot of planning and hard work but we played a 45 minute set at our own headline show at the best venue in the city. We had a very good dedicated audience there and it inspired us to keep going as a band. We still have great memories from that gig to this day.

4. The time a guy tried to steal all of our merch in Hull We had a gig at The New Adelphi Club, Hull and apparently they have a ‘local character’ (who shall remain nameless) that attends a lot of shows at the Adelphi and just tries to steal odd bits from touring bands merch tables. It was a bit awkward having the venue owners try to pass it off while we were trying to get it back off him! Merch is expensive, dude! Don’t nick it!

5. That time a promoter in Carlisle definitely tried to sell drugs and hit on James We played a gig in a lovely bar over in Carlisle, so lovely in fact we got asked for an encore but had ran out of songs so we just started our set list again then played a bunch of Rage Against the Machine riffs and jumped around the stage. After the show the promoter (who, again, shall remain nameless) asked James, and James only, to follow her to ‘her office’ and she had to ‘show him something’. Steve and Jack followed suit purely for James’ safety. Needless to say we haven’t been back since. There’s definitely more to this story but we feel like we can’t put it on the internet in case we catch a case – come to our show on the 23rd of November at The Head of Steam, Newcastle and ask us about it in person!

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