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Sunderland rockers Hivemind are set to release new single Knees & Toes on all digital platforms on Monday 18th March. Alongside a single release the four-piece have also put out a music video and announced that they are closing the BBC Introducing stage at This Is Tomorrow Festival in Newcastle on 25th May. Before that, we find out a little bit more on what influences their sound.

The really great thing about being in Hivemind is that all 4 of us have completely different music tastes. Our influences range from hip-hop, to classical, to punk, to 80s synth. That all blends together and we’ve, somehow, formed a rock band. Our latest single had the working title Arctic Heartbreaker because when we were writing the song it had hints of Arctic Monkeys AM era rock stuff and the main riff sounds a little bit like Heartbreaker by Led Zeppelin. Often our working titles are way off, but they help us remember.

I (Jack) remember James (bassist) writing the riff and having the first part but not being sure where to go with it. We also initially planned to go round the more bluesy progression every time the riff appeared in the song but I thought it somewhat ‘cheapened’ it by turning into a blues song. Just doing it the once on the intro is a nice teaser. The Zeppelin influence is strong during the verses, heavy rock guitar tones and even a John Bonham style bass drum flutter in the 2nd verse. But again, our 80s synth influence comes in during the guitar solo with a warped bass line and single note picked guitar overdubs – the beauty of working with open minded musicians!

So far, with Georgia, we’ve recorded 3 songs. 2 of which are out and the 3rd we’re in the final stages of finishing off (all recorded with Richard Trubridge @ Tru Studios) and all 3 songs are totally different. We’re Just Friends came about after having a really positive response to a song from our first album called Judge, Jury & Executioner so we tried to write JJE2 and again got a very positive response. Knees & Toes is a very balls out and in your face rock song which was very fun to do and is probably our favourite to play live. The 3rd song we’re currently working on is a more up tempo song that is guaranteed to get you dancing. Again, something we can thank our varied music tastes for.

Lyrically, Knees & Toes focuses on the trials and tribulations of “Do I really want to leave the house tonight and go on that night out?” / “I wish I had stayed in the house tonight instead of coming on this night out”. We can all relate, right? The vocal melody over the riff was something that Georgia improvised while we were first writing the song and we all liked it so much we had to keep reminding her about it when she was finishing off the lyrics so she’d keep it in. The overdubs and harmonies in the 2nd verse really bring the stressfulness and feelings in the words to life. There’s also a couple of spoken word lines before the last chorus. If you can’t figure out what Georgia is screaming then we’re not going to tell you – come to a show and ask us and if we’re feeling generous we might!

We’re very proud of the music video. We shot and edited it ourselves. We moved all of our equipment into the big room at The Bunker, Sunderland (where we’ve practiced for years), set up our lights and jumped around for hours getting plenty footage. Then we headed to the sea front in South Shields to make use of the lighting at the Dunes amusements. This is the first ‘real’ music video that we’ve done ourselves. We’re always inspired by bands and artists that do everything themselves. We were big fans of the band Dead! before they unfortunately called it a day last year. We were lucky enough to play a few shows with them and they had the passion and mindset to do everything DIY and they rocked that shit.

We’re playing some shows over the next few months. We’re also playing some that haven’t been announced yet, but if you’re in/around Newcastle you might want to pay attention to our social media pages for those.

We’re very excited to be supporting Xero at Trillians on April 13th and very very excited to be playing at This Is Tomorrow festival May 25th. Knees & Toes will be available on all digital platforms 18th of March.

Thank you for all your continued support.

Hope to see you soon. x

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