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2017 had been a rather interesting year. We’ve been lucky enough to fill our pages with some incredible creative talent, so we asked a few of them to share some thoughts on the year just gone. We caught up with indie faves Headclouds to find out about their year.

So, how was your 2017?
We’ve had a great year! We were thrilled with the response to Flowers and Seen It Before, we’d never been played on Radio 1 in any of our previous projects so we were over the moon with that. We’ve played some great gigs too, we really enjoyed our tour in Autumn and the support dates with Pronto Mama just before Christmas. 

What was your best moment?
Flowers being played on Radio 1 was right up there, mainly because we had no idea it was going to be played! A good surprise. 

And your worst moment?
We’ve not had any real blows as a band, the things that come to mind are daft stuff, like having to wait nearly 3 hours at a service station in the middle of nowhere while Cole did a job interview over Skype in Greggs. That or the traumatic drive Al had to do back from London after our gig at The Old Blue Last, the roads in this country are a bit of a mess. 

Your favourite band of the year?
A lot of our old favourites came back with great albums, Slowdive, The National, LCD, etc, but I wanna try pick someone a bit newer for this. I loved Big Thief’s second record, well worth checking them out. They only put their debut album out last year too, it’s refreshing to see a band in this day and age follow up their first release so quickly and so well. 

Your favourite song of the year?
In Undertow by Alvvays, it just sounds huge. A really great pop song.

Favourite TV of the year?
The Return of Twin Peaks! That blew my head off. I watched it back again recently, truly stunning at times. Episode 8 was incredible, a work of art.

Your favourite film?
I’ve missed a lot of the big ones this year, still need to see Star Wars. Was good to see the Trainspotting lot return, although I can’t really remember the end of the film. I snuck in a few mini bottles of wine into the screening so the end’s a bit of a blur for me. Get Out was pretty mad too, I’m a fan of films that are a bit fucked up. 

Favourite venue of the year?
We played in a nightclub in Ayr called Furys that looked like a scene from Top of the Pops! That was fun. Was cool to play some famous places like The Magnet in Liverpool and The Old Blue Last in Shoreditch for the first time too.

What was your favourite gig of the year?
It’s a toss up between The Old Hairdressers in Glasgow and The Mining Institute show with Callum Pitt, both were pretty special for us. 

And finally, what has 2018 got in store for you?
More music! We’ll have plenty out in 2018, planning to hit the road again as soon as we can too. This time next year Rodney…

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