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He Knows She Knows, who headline the 02 Academy 2 in Newcastle on Sunday 2nd on December are somewhat of an enigma, taking a route to success that most would attempt to avoid like the plague, but like most things they do they have found a way to make it work for them. After over 10,000,000 social media views and 2 year long UK tours, The duo released new single Trust In Me in October and release a new six-track EP on Friday 16th November, the duo believe this will be the beginning of an assault on the North East Urban Music scene although never recognised as a hip hop act. It’s difficult to see where they fit as their too cool to be pop but yet not street enough to be hip-hop. With a female vocalist boasting a range to rival any soul diva and the rap/production skills of one of the North East hip-hop Pioneers they hold all the keys. What makes them even more mysterious is there are an engaged couple in the public eye yet you will have never heard of anything negative about their relationship, its as if the world around them is fighting to find a love that they are the definition of. Its not easy to recreate what they bring to the industry as its so difficult to find not only a pair that can create amazing music put its rare that two talented egos can survive in the same band let alone the same household. 

The new project Light It Up has drawn inspiration from a range of sources each song telling its own story, some funny, some serious but not all relate to what the final song means. For instance Trust In Me has real pain in the intro yet it is humorous and comedic. Each songs has a story so it’s probably best for me to tell you those stories and where the inspiration from each track has come from. Trust In Me has one of the silliest stories on the album but it makes for an awesome tale. If you listen closely to the introduction of the song you will hear a random screech which although wouldn’t normally be the way you begin a song let alone your ep but this just showed off the camaraderie in the studio between us. The noise is actually the sound of Sharna’s toe being accidentaly clamped between two studio chairs but as a reminder of how fun the day together was, it was kept in the track. The main theme of the song is similar to Black Eyed Peas Where Is The Love a real feel of togetherness and love between people, it plays of as a romantic story but it’s more to emphasize the need to love, not just people around you or in your social circle but to just love things and life in general. I trust in you, do you trust in me sort of thing.

Right Now was the first single off the EP and was made in the 1st  six months of knowing each other. We were in what you would call the honeymoon period of our relationship but it was a very serious track to us. There was a lot of people who had doubted the relationship would last more then a week and very much thought the idea of creating a brand together would be a mistake. So we just spoke how we felt on this song. The 2nd verse was the first time Sharna had ever rapped and turning a singing Whitney style songstress into a Nicki Minaj, Cardi B character was very interesting. I would say Major Lazer played a huge part in the creation of this sound. I really enjoy afro beat music but feel I lack a certain authenticity when trying to create a similar sound. Clearly Silvar’s Jamaican roots play a big part in He Knows She Knows sound.

Shine for us was a celebration of breaking the chain of living to work rather then working to live. Sharna was a car sales women in a Vauxhall branch previous to being part of the duo. The goal wasn’t to become a full time musician striving to become pop royalty, but just having the ability to sing on regular basis without being told the shop floor was not the place for it. After a month together Sharna realised the lifestyle Silvar was living. Although finances weren’t always present happiness was. So after a little persuasion she packed in the very lucrative job to concentrate full time on becoming full time performers. We went backwards very quickly and at times struggled to make ends meet but with sheer dedication we managed to pull ourselves out of the darkness became a full time performing duo and also clear all our debts in the first 2 years of being a band.

Shine is us taking our minds back to when we were in our former jobs and unhappy trying to piece together the route to where we are now. It’s a humbling experience achieving you long term goals. I Was The Winner has probably the most insane concept considering what the world believes it to be about. More people think it inspire by films like Rocky, Creed or Undisputed with its championing lyrics an vibrant feel but actually there is a very different story behind this track, one that until now we have NEVER revealed and once people know I imagine they will kick themselves at not figuring it out. The song is actually about sperm. Yes… That’s right… SPERM. One morning Sharna burst in the room and shouted “I had a dream”. She then revealed she had had a dream in which we made a song about the miracle of life and how considering a man creates millions of sperm he doesn’t utilise more then a few for reproduction. So together we decided that the sheer fact you exist make you a winner as you had to battle past millions of potential people just to be here. With so much music in the charts being about sex we thought we would do a similar concept in a very different way to make it playable to any audience.

I Know I Know was inspired by the social media millennial generation, we wanted to create an anthem that people would want to sing along with. It’s all about Internet love, and how living for likes is fake. How the world is revolving around imaginary lives and setting false expectations. It carries a pure warning to our teens listeners that once your out of that social media age, non of it is going to matter anyway.

Just Want To Dance is exactly what it says on the tin. Being a couple we sing and dance very often in the house I imagine if a third person lived with us they would very quickly grow to dislike us. We dance even when there’s no music and this was a representation of that. If you could say it was a studio recorded jam session that would be a good was to describe it. It’s a fun song with fun vibes and that anyone who like “real” music will despise. On the other hand you 10 year would have you mind going insane with it on repeat.

With both of us having very different upbringing and both suffering massively from a very early age we have been able to use music to help heal are broken souls. Now we find ourselves in a position to take our stories from the tough times gone by and make some music that will be able to affect change and bring comfort to those that listen. The current project is something to enjoy and party with but the inspiration for our next project will be to dig deeper into our soul to make musical stories relating to real life traumas to hopefully bring together the whole community of listeners as we share our experiences.

He Knows She Knows play O2 Academy 2, Newcastle on Sunday 2nd December.

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