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BBC Newcastle comedy radio show takes over Newcastle Labour Club on Thursday 28th February. The Grin Up North live show features sketch comedy from the Grin Up North All Stars doing a 30 minute live sketch show and stand-up from Louise Young, Anja Atkinson and Si Beckwith.

Set to be a showcase for some of the North East’s talented comedy writers and performers the show has supported this funny bunch well over the last six months. We caught up with one of those, the effortlessly funny Louise Young to find out more.

What are you most looking forward to about doing this show?
At the last one there was a lot of free snacks and so I’m hoping that will be the case again. It’s also sweet to have a mix of stand up and sketches, the audience at the last live show seemed to love it.

What do you love about gigging in the North East?
It’s always good performing in the North East because the shared cultural stuff means there’s more of an established understanding of context with jokes – so it means you can have more fun with stuff. I’ve said stuff twice.

Is it different gigging in the North East to anywhere else?
All my best gigs have been in the North East but that might be because I talk too fast so once I go south of Middlesbrough no one understands a word I’m saying.

How do you go about writing a set?
I just talk to myself until I make myself laugh and then write those bits down and pretend I don’t have severe psychological issues.

Who are your comedy influences?
The same ones I was obsessed with when I was a teenager, Sarah Silverman, Joan Rivers, Julia Davis.

Will you be doing anything different for this show?
That question makes me think that I definitely should now.

How’s comedy going at the moment?
Good- gigging as much as possible and Anja (who is also on this showcase) has introduced me to l-lysine which is meant to stop cold sores. So I’m hoping I can further run myself into the ground without looking like a hexed villager from the bible.

What else do you have coming up?
Inner turmoil.

The Grin Up North Live Show is at Newcastle Labour Club on Thursday 28th February. A limited amount of free tickets are available via [email protected].

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