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Electronic music makers Grey Tapes release a new music video today for new track Do It Right. We caught up with them to find out a bit more about the video, the track and how it all came together.

Before we recorded the album version, Do It Right started out as one of Bert’s solo tracks. Most of us have collected records to use as source material since our teens, so sampled fragments and textures often form the backbone of our compositions, or at least give us a starting point. Do It Right is inspired by one of Bert’s crate-digging finds, in the form of a bass guitar harmonic sample, chopped up and arranged in a style that combines influences from Chicago footwork artists like Teklife and DJ Rashad (RIP) and our usual 90s hip hop leanings.

The video was made by our good friend Graeme Patterson aka Arms Reach. He had this to say about his process:

The band mix something physical with something electronic. A mixture of the analogue and the digital. I wanted to mirror this in the way I made the video. Physically creating marks and brush strokes in pen and paint on paper, scanning them in, then animating and piecing them together inside the computer.

I wanted to create something which was an accumulation of simple brush strokes and shapes, which when brought together would be a literal visualisation of what it’s like for me to listen the song. So the shapes would appear in time with the music and would try to convey how the sounds felt, to me. An attempt at turning the phenomalogical experience of listening into an animated video.

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