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Welcome to the first in our Good Grief Spotlight series of interviews with comedians. Good Grief is a night which runs at The Stand, Newcastle bringing the freshest, emerging talent, interesting, inventive acts and big laughs and ahead of each monthly show, they’re going to spotlight some of the funny folk on show with an interview.

First up, ahead of his appearance there on Monday 14th May, it’s the funnyman Si Beckwith

What makes you laugh the most?
Really silly things. We’ve got an abundance of incredible comedians in the North East, so there are a lot of those that really make me laugh. Seymour Mace and Lee Kyle are two really funny buggers, and there are people like John Whale, Sammy Dobson, Joby Mageean, Louise Young, Neil Harris….I could go on and on. There’s a bundle of hilarious tinkers here, so gigs are often full of some of my favourites. Biscuitz makes a return at the next Good Grief which I am very excited for too. I’d also like to throw my niece in there as the funniest person I know. 

What influences you?
All sorts. I try to write from real life, and draw influence there. The filmmaker Kevin Smith is my all time biggest influence, from comedy to scripts he made me want to write and create. That said, I wasted 8 hours last week thinking up songs for every metro station, so I’ll have to waste another 8 hours to work out a way that could every be of any use to anyone, so it really is anything.

What do you like best about gigging in Newcastle? 
I can walk home. Nah, in all seriousness, The Stand is as good as it gets, the staff are wonderful, the room is primed for comedy and it’s the best atmosphere. The food is a joy too. The people, the comics you get to work with, there are a few smaller gigs around like Mr Shindig’s, The Chuckling Monk and others that pop up that are also lovely. Also, I can reference the metro and they get it.

Whats your favorite ever gig?
It’s hard to pick one. Kid’s comedy at The Stand is one I’d put up there because it’s just silly fun and mucking about (if you forget about the kid who tells everyone to kill themselves). I’ve had some joys compering Red Raw at The Stand too. The Burning Duck night in York is an underrated gem and is always a ball. Though, as I was talking about this the other night it’s right up there, there was a gig I did at the Fringe with Fernando to two people that was a ball.

What’s next for you?
Lots of gigs al owa the shop. Pulling together a solo show, and working on other projects too. Oh, and I’m saving up £4000 for laser eyes, so I’m telling everyone so I actually commit to it. Good Grief I’m really looking forward to, and compering Red Raw that week too. My phone’s the other side of the room and I’ve not developed telekinetic powers (yet) so not got the diary to hand, so let’s just say loads of fun stuff.

Si Beckwith is on at Good Grief at The Stand, Newcastle on Monday 14th April.

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