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Ahead of her appearance at Good Grief at The Stand on Monday 8th October, we find out a little bit more about comedian Nicola Mantalios-Thompson

What do you like most about gigging in Newcastle?
My pals, gigging in Newcastle usually means that I get to hang out with fellow comedian friends, which gives me a lovely warm cuddling feeling inside. It makes me feel like Norm from the 80s TV sitcom Cheers- except I don’t have an alcohol dependency and I don’t mind where I sit.

What makes you laugh?
Silly things usually, impromptu songs often make me laugh, I like a twist and a turn in comedy I don’t want to be able to predict the next line, I enjoy a little surprise.

What influences you comedically?
Funny people in daily life, I’m a youth worker and sometimes the kids say weird stuff and I’m like “Ohh Zoe would say that” I usually laugh hysterically at them then inform them they’ve helped me write a show. They love making me laugh and inspiring my jokes, I think it makes them feel famous.

What influences you generally?
Again the people around me, I am often susceptible to being swept up in a bout of mayhem or indoctrinated in to the occasional cult. I, usually surround myself with class people and they inspire me and bring me joy. Anyone who is a bit of a mean Molly I keep away from “keep your negative vibes to yourselves energy vampires! You’re killing my buzzlettes” I’ve also recently started making pom poms as a hobby. Made 12 so far.

Good Grief is on at The Stand, Newcastle on Monday 8th October.

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