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Ghost//Signals bit of trivia number one, is that the band belt out some awesome alt pop, with a dark retro twist. Ahead of a headline set at Independent in Sunderland on Friday 2nd November, they shared five more bits of trivia about the band you may not have known…

Start Families: Avoid Shit Parties
We have a song called Start Families: Avoid Hip Parties – but ‘Shit Parties’ is actually its real name. When we first started playing, it seemed to resonate with audiences the best so we thought to give it a fighting chance with radio etc, change it’s title It worked – Nick Roberts played it a few times and was lovely enough to take it down to 6Music. I sometimes wish we’d left it the way it was, but we needed a strong debut single. Some bands can get away with leaving the swearing in their key songs my merit of already having a selling point based on anger/aggression – we don’t have that sadly! 

Andy’s Cult:
For a long time, our bassist Andy ran a cult in Heaton. Every Saturday around 3am, post Krash rocknight, people would flock to his in just their dressing gowns, fill his living room with candles, and pay worship to the Hollyoaks Omnibus. 

Queen of the Oxygen Thieves Single: 
The video was me walking around in a dress during the very snowy conditions back in January/February across two locations – Queens NY and Gateshead Quayside. The slight nuance between the two shots (aside from obvious architectural differences) is I’m wearing a mask in Gateshead, but not in Queens. The video is essentially a visual representation of not feeling comfortable with how you’re perceived in your home town, yet feeling self assured/liberated elsewhere. Our band doesn’t have the budget to fly me to NY just for a video shoot by the way – it was done on the back of a holiday to celebrate my wedding anniversary (very thankful I have a cool wife). 

Two of our members are from Sunderland, yet after 3 years existence, November 2nd will be our first gig there. The people there seem to dig their music so really looking forward to it. The likes of Spark FM have been really really supportive, and the bunker folk are beginning to get behind us. The live circuit though has been quite hard to penetrate for us. It’s not without a lack of trying – certain venues must just like what they like. To be honest though if we didn’t get a bit of resistance/ignorance every now and then, I’d probably get really lazy so it’s all good. 

Sometimes crap stuff happens for a reason:
We were talk of the scene a couple of years back when a well known studio owner did a days worth of recordings for us, none completed or mixed, and then just fucked off into the wilderness somewhere after taking £200 of our money, never to be seen again. We thought about just taking the stems elsewhere but instead just went with another producer/engineer in the form of Andi Anderson (based at YMCA North Shields). It was honestly worth being conned out of £200 for and so thankful it happened.

Ghost//Signals play Independent in Sunderland on Friday 2nd November

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