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The last twelve months have had the NARC Magazine pages filled with the best creative talent, so we asked a few of them to be kind enough to share some words on the year coming to a close. Next up, it’s retro dark pop music makers, Ghost//Signals.

So, how was your 2018?
Quite honestly, from a bloke who’s been in various bands over the year’s perspective, the absolute best I’ve ever had. I hope the other guys would re-affirm this but our drummer sometimes drunkenly laments about the time one of his former bands were on the Metal Hammer cover CD once so can’t say for certain – maybe for him it’s a tie?  

What was your best moment?
Too many to narrow to one! But definitely playing the main stage of Lindisfarne for BBC Introducing (thanks Nick Roberts), playing Hit The North, a last minute Evo Emerging Slot, plus a couple of sold out headline shows (albeit only 80-90 cap but the A&R folk don’t need to know 😉 
Supporting both Avalanche Party and Mouses in the space of a fortnight was utterly insane. Touring with Pet Crow at the beginning of the year was also a privilege – albeit we were last minute reduced to a 3 piece so we were probably a bit more shite than we would have liked. And our Christmas gig of course…..bloody hell there will be loads I’ve missed. 

And your worst moment?
We lost two members of the band. Cole Gilroy, previously our lead guitarist, was understandably struggling to juggle everything he was involved in at the time, thus we lost him at the start of the year. He’s still a great mate and really supportive of G//S. 
More recently Andy Johnson chose to leave the band. Andy and I have been in bands on and off for close to a decade now, and has always been fiercely loyal to my often daft ideas. I hope Andy has been finally rewarded this year by way of a year of festivals and magazine covers haha. He’s still in a band called Dead Like Wolves – you guys recently gave them demo of the month, and rightfully so 🙂 

Your favourite band of the year?
Nationally, obvious choice but probably Idles. 
Locally there’s sooo many – there seems to be like 3 or 4 scene ‘silos’ at the minute in the North East. There are crossovers of course, but the great thing is, unlike previous years, they are all doing exceptionally well in their own right. It’s therefore no wonder there’s NE bands/artists really breaking through at the moment. 

Your favourite song of the year?
Probably Flytipping by Suede. Gorgeous. 

Favourite TV of the year?
Combination of not watching a huge amount of TV this year (not being an edge-lord about this – I usually love the tele!), nor being too impressed by what’s been on. GLOW on netflix was class however. I’m hoping to catch up on Better Call Saul over the Christmas break. Hasn’t disappointed so far. 

Your favourite film
Most people know me for being a David Lynch obsessive, so are probably expecting something a bit avant-garde. I’ve no shame in saying Solo – A Star Wars Story however.

Favourite venue of the year?
As a punter, probably the Boiler Shop. 
As a chancer in a band I’d have to say Little Buildings. 

What was your favourite gig of the year?
Obvious choice again but The Cure’s 40th anniversary gig at Hyde Park. Spellbinding set + visuals. This was the fourth time my wife and I have seen the Cure together (which is utterly nowt compared to some Cure fans) – wasn’t expecting the gig to tens of thousands to be up their with the best. 

And finally, what has 2019 got in store for you?
Finding a new bassist will be a good start. But just keeping up the momentum really – we’ve a new single out hopefully in January called A Bag For Death. We’ll see what that does really and take it from there. Also, we have a final gig at Little Buildings on Friday 8th March which will be bittersweet given it’s impending closure. 

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