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Ahead of a performance with The Lurkers at the Three Tuns in Gateshead on Friday 31st August, we caught up with punk rockers The Relitics.

So, tell us a bit about yourself and what you do?
Aging first wave punk, grew up in Hetton le Hole, small pit village– music lover, record geek, songwriter and founding member of County Durham female fronted melodic original punksters The Relitics. Played rebellion festival/nice n sleazy festival last year .Gigging regularly around the North East and further afield. With the Lurkers at Three Tuns Gateshead 31 august. Catch us at Alternative Fest , Skegness in October, one of twelve bands chosen over 3 days on the introducing stage.
By day extended scope physiotherapist within NHS.

What’s the first record you ever bought?
All around the world / the Jam summer 1977, first album –Rattus Norvegicus, the Stranglers and never looked back. Have quite a sizeable collection of records, many rare dating from here to present.

What’s your guilty pleasure musically?
Buying and collecting records, shops/record fairs, online.  I love  the pleasures of an unexpected find particularly record shops, the days of charity shop finds are long gone sadly. Been in many record shops around the Country , last one in South Wales finding singles by Barse/Holy Racket/Red Alert. Released our own split 12-inch ep on vinyl in 2016 with Australia’s Myrtle Place, which was incredible.

Favourite film of all time?
Kes, so many parallels to growing up in Hetton for me, mining town, the school/the hard ship/ the P E teacher/the humour/ the sadness ..Ken Loach finest moment.

Your guilty pleasure film?
A Christmas Carol/ Scrooge, Alistair Sim one from the 1950s, every year essential viewing

If you could recommend one TV series to binge watch, what would it be?
Revolver/ the music show presented by the late Peter Cook. Watch it if you haven’t seen it.

Your favourite book?
The ragged trousered philanthropists/ Robert Tressel…… powerful stuff and song writing fuel.

Who or what makes you laugh the most?
 Apart from my wife -Laurel and hardy, always works every time, comedy perfection

Who or what makes you sad?
Social injustice/The rise of the right wing /numerous organisations i.e./ EDL / Tommy Robinsons of this world, exploiting peoples shortcoming and lack of education for their own twisted political agendas. This uncaring heartless government also and the likes of Ian Duncan Smith further decreasing the surplus population. Highlighted very well in the film I Daniel Blake. Very sad

If you had super power, what would it be?
The power to halt mans greed and his ability to start wars.

And finally, you get to play a board game with any three famous people from history, who do you choose and what’s the board game?
Does the Saw series of films count as Donald Trump/ Putin and Theresa May would be the first contenders only nobody would get out alive

There would have to be a few games though.

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