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Ally Morton from Massa Confusa provides more recommendations for music from Basque country…

In March I shared with you my musical discoveries from living in Basque Country (read it here) and now after over a year of living in San Sebastián I’d like to round up my latest finds with a second playlist. This list is compiled from the usual mountain of gigs I attend, but also from people I’ve gigged with and the friends and links I have made since joining a promotions group called Distopía Mutante, and setting up my own promotions project within this group called Día Guay. The first Día Guay gig will be in Mogambo in Trintxerpe, San Sebastián Saturday 26th January with Massa Confusa, El desvän del macho and SOFA. Find out more here.

Since March I have also been recording, mixing and planning the latest Massa Confusa digital EP, which will be released at a one-off 2019 UK gig at Head Of Steam Newcastle Friday 19th April. There will also be a new Five Pence game EP coming later in the year.

Please note the Spotify playlist does not include: Aihotz, Alitruta, Arrotzak, Cecilia Payne, Hexen, Jai tiruriru, Killerkume, Oki Moki, Orbain Unit, Oso Fan, Paniko, Pixalino, Tempera, or The Room so please check out the attached bandcamp links.

Lisabö (Hondarribia/Irun)
Lisabö blend spoken word lyrics with jarring, discordant noise rock. They have somewhat of a cult following despite their lack of social media presence. They recently surprised fans by releasing their latest album Eta Edertasunaren Lorratzetan Biluztu Ginen’ after 7 years hiatus without warning and have begun announcing gigs and festivals including Primavera Sound in Barcelona. FFO Shellac, Fugazi and Slint.

El desvän del macho (Arrasate)
Noise rock band from Arrasate who have been going since the late 80s/early 90s. They will be playing with me in the first Día Guay concert at Mogambo, Trintxerpe, a venue out of the city centre for all things alternative: rock, electronic, metal, crust and grind.

Vulk (Bilbao)
Post-punk for fans of Joy Division and Echo and the Bunnymen.

Perlak (Basque Country)
They are not currently active, but Perlak were a post-punk group. Expect reverbed guitars and crossover vocal harmonies.

Belako (Mungia)
Belako have been making waves over the past year with their blend of rock, post-punk and electronic music. They played festivals in 2018 including BIME live and toured Spain in support of their release of ‘Render Me Numb Trivial, Violence’, with additional dates including the UK and Italy.

Melenas (Pamplona)
Melenas are a 5 piece from Pamplona. They make indie-rock with whimsical melodies reminiscent of bands like La Luz and Goat Girl.

SOFA (Zarautz)
Sofa have an instrumental math-rock sound. They are opening the aforementioned Día Guay gig. FFO Chon, Elephant Gym and Toe.

Lester y Eliza (Bilbao)
Based in Bilbao, Lester y Eliza are Helena Malvido, Llúcia Pla, Julen Alberdi and Álvaro Macua. They make a blend of Indie/pop-rock. FFO Desperate Journalist.

Jupiter Jon (Irun)
Four-piece band making a mix of kraut and post-punk with pop melodies. Drummer Aida Torres is in the current incarnation of Lisabö who open this playlist.

Kaso Mai (Basque Country)
Melodic rock/metal influenced by bands like Biffy Clyro, Muse and Fu Manchu. They sing in a mix of Basque, Italian and Spanish. They are currently working on their third release.

Las Sexpeares (Barakaldo)
3-piece rock/grunge reminscient of Hole, Berri Txarrak and Distillers.

Perlata (Arraste)
Punk/rock and roll. FFO Fat Wreck Chords style punk.

Mursego (Eibar)
Multi-instrumentalist Maite Arroitajauregi loops cello, samples, tambourines, rhymes, choirs and dances to create a sound that is totally unique to her. She is best experienced live.

Sara Zozaya (San Sebastián)
The singer of Nerabe (as featured in my first playlist) released her solo EP at the end of December. Sara’s debut solo EP is personal, minimal and progressive with beautifully layered vocals.

Ane Leux (San Sebastián)
From San Sebastián but living in Bogotá, Ane is a singer-songwriter who I got to see live at the Donosti Festibala festival last year. Check out her 2016 album ‘Sense’ on her bandcamp page.

MICE (Eibar)
Formerly of the duo Project Napoka Iria, MICE is the solo project of Miren Narbaiza.

Birkit (Bilbao)
The solo project of Birkite Alonso (ex-Eorann and Red Carmine) which is influenced by indie folk-rock and Basque songwriting.

Napoka Iria (Elgoibar)
Although no longer active, Napoka Iria is the acoustic duo featuring Miren (MICE) and Ander Mujika.

Eneritz Furyak (Irun)
Acoustic songs about life, art and love.

Aihotz (Bilbao)
4-piece riot girl/hardcore style punk featuring Brandine and Beatriz of Serpiente who were featured in the first edition of this playlist.

Alitruta (San Sebastián)
Formerly a trio now a duo, Alitruta mix spoken word with bass, guitar, drum machines and synthesisers. FFO Sleaford Mods.

Arrotzak (San Sebastián)
Melodic punk trio that sing in Basque and Spanish. Bass heavy and raw drum sounds.

Cecilia Payne (Bilbao)
Indie/pop-rock 4 piece who put out their debut 4 track EP in May last year.

Hexen (Bilbao)
5 piece street punk reminiscent of Blitz, Combat 77 and Tilt.

Jai tiruriru (Pasaia)
Instrumental rock/noise duo featuring from drummer/bassist Onetwo and guitarist Isa.

Killerkume (Bilbao)
Noise-rock duo from Bilbao. They also play in an improvisation quintet called Orbain unit.

Oki Moki (San Sebastián)
Formerly a duo, Oki Moki have since become a trio due to the addition of Iñaki Castro Garbizu from the band Pet Fennec who I featured in the first playlist. They make lo-fi style punk pop.

Orbain Unit (Bilbao)
Experimental and improvised music featuring members of Killerkume.

Oso Fan (San Sebastián)
Oso Fan is the brainchild of Giorgio Bassmatti who I saw playing last year’s Jazz Festival in San Sebastián. FFO Belle and Sebastian, The Decemberists and Kings of Convenience.

Paniko (Zarautz)
Hardcore punk trio featuring members of Odio, Kesernar and Holy Nuns.

Pixalino (Oiartzun)
Guitar looping with drum samples. FFO the instrumental work of John Frusciante and Foals. 
Although there is currently only a demo online, Pixalino is set to release his debut EP and is a current collaborator on my Five Pence Game project.

Tenpera (San Sebastián)
Fairly new on the scene, Tenpera are a grunge rock-trio. They were added to the bill at the Donostia Festibala when they needed a new opener to push back set times as Pussy Riot had to pull out. Since then they have been playing to good sized crowds and gaining popularity.

The Room (Torrelavega)
Although not from the Basque country, it was in Mogambo in San Sebastian that I saw this Instrumental math-rock duo with intricate guitar work and the most varied drum sounds created from just a snare, a cymbal, a hat and a kick.

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