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Our Get Into… features seek to serve as a guide to you finding new worlds to immerse yourself in and new passions that may have passed you by. This month it’s the world of FRINGE with Carole Wears. We’ll let her fill you in on the rest…

Hi, I’m Carole… a co-founder and associate director at Prague Fringe Festival, a producer here in the North East, having founded my own company CaroleW Productions last year.

Basically in everything I do I believe in providing people with “A Good Night Out”, it’s something of a mantra!  I simply wouldn’t put on a show or work on an event that I didn’t have total confidence in providing a great experience. I like to work on events that people can build a great night around, time to drink, chat, socialise too.

The name CaroleW Productions wasn’t chosen because of any sense of hubris, it is simply about trust.  I want audiences to trust that I am offering them a good night out, a quality show and I want artists to trust that I will do everything I can to make sure they have a successful stay in our region and perform to full houses of our legendarily appreciative audiences here in the North East. 

Fringe is about artists, audiences, venues – all invested in creating a great experience. It’s a platform for new ideas, collaborative working and support.  There are 250 Fringe festivals in the world but also a flourishing Fringe circuit out with these festivals in cities across the globe.  Fringe isn’t something “out there on the fringes” something to be wary of, it’s something to embrace.  Prices for tickets are kept as low as possible to encourage you to see as many shows as you can, to take a risk. As World Fringe puts it, “Fringe is the exciting spark where stars are made; they are the ‘excellence’ of the future.”

So here I am about to kick off “Our Friends from further North: A Scottish Season”

After Season One I thought I’d best produce another to see if it was as fun, rewarding, non-stop, stressful, exhausting and crazy as the last! I decided to make things more complicated for myself by not “just” putting on some theatre shows but also a lauded poetry performance with live music and cinematography, a leather purse making workshop, a gig and a classic film screening with chocolate and whisky paring event.

I hope you are going to love this seasons offerings as much as I do.  I’m passionate about what I do because I love to be enthralled and surprised, to enjoy a show or gig but also find within that little bit of magic, that little heart burst that stays with you for a lot longer than the hour of time or any payment you’ve invested.  I’m talking about the song that moves you or the line or gesture that takes your breath away.

My advice? See as much as you can. Attend a workshop and learn the basics of creating a show yourself or hone your skills.  Try something different.  Support venues such as Alphabetti Theatre, Gosforth Civic Theatre and Cobalt Studios who put on these shows – they need you to book for a performance, drink at their bar and help spread the word. Stay around after a show, performers love to hear from you. Life is nicer with a bit of Fringe in your soul!.

People and places I’m associated with a present? Loud Poets, Alphabetti Theatre, Teucther Company, Phil Odgers (of The Men They Couldn’t Hang), North Chocolates, Gosforth Civic Theatre, Eliot Smith Dance, JonLuke McKie, The Six Twenty, Human Remain, Cobalt Studies, River Escapes, Newcastle Film Festival, Jude Gove Artist, Carruthers and Kent, Leyla Josephine, Tooth+Nail, Sunday for Sammy, Cloud Nine Theatre, Spontaneous Players, Prague Fringe Festival, NE14TV

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