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A career in the arts is highly sought after among many young people, but how easy is it to get the skills needed for such work, and what opportunities exist for job creation afterwards? Generator are hoping to address some of these issues with their Ladders development programme, which serves as a transition from education and participation to employment and enterprise, helping young people to develop their skills and ideas.

Generator are currently on the lookout for young people aged 18-24 with a business idea, or an interest in working in the creative or digital sectors, with a view to providing creative and professional skills development, offering career advice and widening social networks.

Louise Henry, Generator’s Enterprise Development Coordinator, explains how the programme will work. “It’s an opportunity to meet with industry professionals, learn practical and creative skills, visit potential workplaces, get interview experience and learn about enterprise. Ladders will give a confidence boost to young people, reveal opportunities that exist in the creative industries and provide the know-how.”

Crucially, Ladders will give young people the tools they need to get out into the workplace. “Current access to the creative and digital industries is not fair and there are many young people that find doors shut to their creative talents. We hope that Ladders will go some way to levelling the playing field. This is as much about access of information as it is the quality. Our support will help produce the talent, ideas and enterprise of young people who are sometimes overlooked. We hope that Ladders will widen horizons and sharpen motivation for young people who either have great creative ideas, or are looking to find work in this competitive industry – it will give them a line of sight.”


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The project is delivered in partnership with three regional delivery partners – TICE, Foundation Futures and Youth Focus – who will offer creative courses, employability support workshops and pastoral clinics.

This Is Creative Enterprise (TICE) support young people in exploring the creative and digital sectors, they’re ideally placed to offer insight and access to a career and increase chances of employability. “There are issues regarding an oversupply of creative graduates, a lack of transferrable skills and significant recruitment barriers but nevertheless there is an increasing demand from young people for jobs. Employability has become one of the focal issues involving education/training provision and the creative economy as a whole.” Jennifer Barrett, founder and managing director of TICE explains. “The Ladders project is genuinely about giving young people an opportunity, understanding and focus but also giving them that chance to take ownership of their next steps with real industry led delivery and guidance.”

TICE’s eight week courses, which cover music, film/TV and gaming aim to develop sector knowledge, skills and talent. “The long-term aims will be confident, pro-active young people pursuing their ambitions in a career in the creative and digital sectors.”

TICE’s first course begins on 26th September and runs until November, with an additional two workshops per creative course, Foundation Futures will run their pastoral clinics in line with TICE courses. Youth Focus will run their popular Reducing the Skills Gap programme over three weeks in October.

For more information on Ladders contact Louise Henry on [email protected].

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