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Not content with just being the frontman of indie pop favourites Frankie & The Heartstrings, Frankie Francis is set to take a new role as a radio show host over at Amazing Radio. Monday to Friday afternoons, from 3pm to 7pm, he’ll be taking over the airwaves with Amazing Afternoons, and to get out appetites whetted, he let us know which radio DJs have inspired him. You can listen to the show here, or via the Amazing Radio app, but for now, over to you Frankie…

John Peel
I distinctly remember the moment my love for music connected with my love for radio. For some reason I used to think it was perfectly normal to pitch a tent in the garden of my childhood home during the summer, and I used to take my yellow waterproof portable radio everywhere. On one occasion I stumbled across a live broadcast from Glastonbury by John Peel. I found the listening experience tremendously exciting and sort of an awakening to what was possible to hear through my little yellow radio. Peel’s principles as a radio host were solid – if he liked it he played it, sometimes at the wrong speed, but that was all part of the fun and unexpected nature of what he was going to play next.

Steve Lamacq
Steve is the champion of championing bands. His tireless dedication to music is intimidating, constantly going to gigs to try and seek out the next big band to champion. If he likes a band he won’t let you down, tireless in his support until the masses take note. I think Steve has found his home now at 6music and I hope he keeps doing what he has done well for so many years.

Huw Stephens
A bright light where there is none any more. Huw must be the busiest man in radio. He pops up everywhere. And rightfully so, a really lovely man with real love for music, especially new. He is a very important person to artists, as his influence at Radio 1 should not be overlooked. In an ideal world the show and playlist schedule at Radio 1 should be turned upside down, perhaps then teens would have some real music to listen to, instead of Justin Bieber twice an hour.

Tom Ravenscroft
I’ve listened to Tom’s programme for the last few years and I can genuinely say it’s my favourite radio show, maybe because I’m getting a little older now and I find it a little harder to get my kicks and get excited about music more than I used to. Tom’s show always delivers and has turned me on to so many artists in the last couple of years that I’ve then ended going to see or purchasing their record. And that is surely what it is all about

Greg Porter
I’m very lucky to be taking over from Greg at Amazing Radio, I would often find myself laughing out loud at Greg’s shows. His dry humour and oddball personality, often brought out by on-air producer ‘Steve’ made for terrific radio listening. They did this while playing the hottest new music first before anyone anywhere too, top stuff.

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