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Far Pacific have a new single out now, we got the lowdown on the inspiration behind the new track from the band themselves.

When I wrote My Love, I was really adamant that I didn’t want to write a song about myself or a situation involving me as after writing the songs on our EP, I Can See The Sea, I found it exhausting. I wanted to create a story around the concept of unrequited love, something people know of too well then with the story turning into a case of adultery with the final line of the second verse “I hope your guy doesn’t find out you little dirty cheat”, which potentially is the most point blank to the point lyric I have written to date. I opened the first verse with a reference to The Lake Poets Song City By The Sea, an artist myself and the lads are really into. I like the idea that people who know the song will get the reference and hold our song closer to their hearts. In regard to the chorus “Wait my love, You’ll see the sun someday”, I felt the song needed a uplifting chorus, with “sun” representing the common phrase ‘seeing the light’. 

Musically the song started as a slow Velvet Underground inspired song but quickly changed into the fast rock song that it is today. As a band we wanted to make the song as sparse as possible with everything almost happening at once to grab the listeners attention. We were very inspired by the song Month of May by Arcade Fire as the immediacy of the song inspired us to create our own version. 

The version of My Love that you hear now has been through a number of changes, with a lot of trial and error, but we are proud of what we have now.

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